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Vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 Fully Serviced and Original

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In this video by Vintage Watch Street, you are introduced to a Vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 watch that has been fully serviced and is in its original condition. The video begins by showcasing the watch’s original crystal and dial, which are both in beautiful condition. The handmade straps, made from ostrich skin, have some imperfections but add to the overall appeal of the watch. The video also highlights the rare case edges and the excellent condition of the case.

Moving on, the video showcases the original crown, the bezel, and some minor tool marks on the bezel where it has been worked on. The watch is equipped with a hacking movement, allowing the second hand to stop when the crown is pulled out in two positions. The video concludes by emphasizing the excellent condition of the watch, its proper servicing by a master with Swiss oils, and overall beauty. Thank you for watching this captivating showcase of The vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070.

Vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 Fully Serviced and Original

Vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 Fully Serviced and Original


In the world of timepieces, few brands have withstood the test of time quite like Seiko. Known for their innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship, Seiko watches have become coveted collector’s items for watch enthusiasts around the globe. One particular gem in the Seiko collection is the vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070. This timepiece, which has been fully serviced and is in its original condition, is a true testament to Seiko’s enduring quality and timeless appeal. Let’s dive into the various aspects of this remarkable watch.

Watch Condition

When assessing the condition of a vintage watch, a critical aspect to consider is the dial. In the case of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070, the original dial has been preserved in immaculate condition. The crispness of the dial’s design and the intricate detailing showcase the true essence of this vintage timepiece.

Moving on to the case, its edges are still sharp and well-defined, indicating minimal wear and tear over the years. The back case retains the original text, further adding to the watch’s authenticity. The crown, another important component, is also original and functions seamlessly.

Crystal and Dial

The crystal of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 is original and shows no signs of scratches or blemishes. Its clarity allows for easy readability of the dial, which is a testament to the watch’s premium quality. The dial itself is in beautiful condition, with no discoloration or fading. The rich colors and intricate patterns on the dial truly bring it to life.


The bezel of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 is in remarkable condition, with no visible dents or scratches. It has been carefully preserved and showcases Seiko’s attention to detail. No work has been done on the bezel, ensuring its originality and maintaining the watch’s vintage allure.


The movement of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 is both reliable and accurate. The watch functions flawlessly, with the time flipping precisely as it should. The day and date complications operate smoothly, a testament to the exact workmanship that went into manufacturing this timepiece. The hacking movement allows for precise time setting, making it a practical choice for those who require utmost accuracy. The watch displays both Kanji and English date, catering to a wider range of users.


The vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 comes with two additional straps, providing versatility and options for the wearer. One of the straps is made from blue ostrich skin, adding a touch of elegance to the watch. The scale patterns on the strap create an appealing visual texture. The other strap is crafted from black ostrich skin, offering a more understated and sophisticated option.


When it comes to functionality, the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 excels on multiple fronts. Adjusting the day and date is a breeze, allowing for quick and hassle-free customization. The flipping of the days and dates is seamless, adding to the overall convenience of the watch. The crown spins smoothly, albeit at a slightly slower pace, ensuring precision in time setting. The hacking movement feature further elevates the watch’s accuracy and reliability.

Service History

The Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 has undergone a comprehensive servicing by a master watchmaker. Every component has been meticulously examined and serviced to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Swiss oils have been used, further enhancing the smooth operation of the watch. The timepiece has been professionally serviced, guaranteeing its functionality and reliability.


In conclusion, the vintage Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7070 is a true gem in the world of timepieces. Its fully serviced and original condition make it a sought-after collector’s item for watch enthusiasts. The pristine dial, flawless crystal, well-preserved bezel, and reliable movement showcase the exceptional craftsmanship that Seiko is renowned for. With its additional straps and impeccable functionality, this vintage Seiko watch is a must-have for those seeking a blend of timeless elegance and reliable performance.

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