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Vintage February 1975 Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 – Modded Crystal – Original Dial (WELL-SERVICED)

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Presenting the Vintage February 1975 Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 – Modded Crystal – original dial (WELL-SERVICED) by Vintage Watch Street. This particular timepiece is a superb conditioned example, showcasing its remarkable restoration. The first notable feature is the modified crystal, a Seiko hard flex crystal that has been personally installed. It boasts a Tanaka case design, known for its sharp edges and bold aesthetics. The watch comes with 19 millimeter ostrich skin straps, making it a bit challenging to find Seiko LM bracelets that fit this specific model. The strong green sunburst dial matches perfectly with the dark brown strap, adding a touch of elegance. With its functioning day-date features and impressive internal workings, this timepiece is truly a gem that has undergone thorough servicing and proper maintenance. Appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of this vintage watch with Vintage Watch Street.

Welcome back to Vintage Watch Street, where we present to you the Seiko 5606-7231. This stunning timepiece has been tastefully restored, with its modified crystal and Tanaka case design. Its remarkable sharp edges and bezel add a touch of uniqueness to the overall aesthetic. The husky case, for both its time period and today, showcases the watch’s sturdy build. The watch dial features a strong green sunburst, perfectly complemented by the dark brown strap and aftermarket buckle. Concerned about functionality? Rest assured, as the day-date functions have been carefully checked and are in perfect working order. This exceptional timepiece includes an extra black strap and has been meticulously serviced, ensuring its workings are properly cleaned, adjusted, and oiled. Appreciate the craftsmanship and elegance of this vintage beauty with Vintage Watch Street.

Vintage February 1975 Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 - Modded Crystal - Original Dial (WELL-SERVICED)


Introduction to the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231

The Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 is a vintage watch that is highly sought after by collectors and watch enthusiasts alike. It was first introduced in the late 1970s and has since become a staple in the Seiko lineup. This particular model is known for its unique and striking design, as well as its reliable mechanical movement.

Modded Crystal and Original Dial

One of the standout features of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 is its modded crystal and original dial. The crystal has been upgraded to a sapphire crystal, which not only enhances its durability but also improves the overall appearance of the watch. The original dial has been meticulously preserved, showcasing the iconic green sunburst design that gives the watch a distinct and eye-catching look.

Servicing and Restoration

To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231, periodic servicing and restoration are crucial. Over time, the internal mechanisms of the watch may wear down, causing accuracy issues and other problems. By entrusting the watch to a professional watchmaker, you can be confident that it will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and adjusted to ensure it functions at its best.

Case Design

Description of the Tanaka Case Design

The Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 features a Tanaka case design, named after the renowned Seiko designer responsible for its creation. The case is characterized by its sharp and clean lines, giving the watch a sleek and modern appearance. The Tanaka case design is known for its timelessness and durability, ensuring that the watch remains visually appealing and resistant to wear and tear.

Sharp Edges on Bezel

One of the distinctive features of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231’s case design is the sharp edges on the bezel. These sharp edges not only add visual interest to the watch but also contribute to its overall sturdiness and robustness. The bezel is well-crafted and securely holds the crystal in place, providing added protection to the dial and internal components.

Screw Back for Easy Access

The Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 is equipped with a screw back, which allows for easy access to the internal mechanisms of the watch. This feature is especially beneficial when it comes to servicing and restoration, as it simplifies the process for the watchmaker. With a simple twist of a screwdriver, the back can be easily removed, granting access to the movement and other components.

Strap Options

Ostrich Skin Straps

When it comes to strap options for the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231, one popular choice is ostrich skin straps. These straps are renowned for their softness, durability, and distinct texture. Ostrich skin straps add a touch of luxury to the watch, elevating its overall appearance and feel. With proper care, these straps will age beautifully and continue to enhance the watch’s aesthetic appeal.

Limited Bracelet Options

While the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 mainly comes with strap options, there are limited bracelet options available for those who prefer a more classic look. These bracelets are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as the watch itself, ensuring a perfect match in terms of style and durability. However, it is important to note that due to the vintage nature of the watch, finding original bracelets may be challenging.

Includes Extra Black Strap

For added versatility, the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 comes with an extra black strap. This allows the wearer to switch between the green dial and the black strap, providing a fresh look and ensuring that the watch matches a variety of outfits and occasions. The black strap offers a more understated and versatile option, allowing the wearer to customize their watch to their personal style.

Dial and Color

Dark Brown Strap Matching the Green Dial

The dark brown strap that comes with the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 complements the green dial beautifully. The rich, warm tones of the strap accentuate the green sunburst design on the dial, creating a harmonious and stylish combination. The dial and strap work together to create an elegant and sophisticated look that is versatile enough for both casual and formal occasions.

Aftermarket Buckle

To enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the watch, an aftermarket buckle can be added to the strap. This allows for easy adjustment and ensures a secure fit on the wrist. The buckle can also be matched to the color of the watch case, creating a cohesive and polished look. Customizing the buckle adds a personal touch to the watch, further elevating its uniqueness.

Overview of the Green Sunburst Design

The green sunburst design on the dial of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 is one of its defining features. The sunburst pattern radiates from the center of the dial, creating a captivating play of light and shadows. The green color is deep and vibrant, adding a touch of elegance to the watch. The dial is further adorned with silver hour markers and hands, creating a contrast that is both striking and legible.

Day-Date Functions

Importance of Functionality

The day-date functions of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical. With a quick glance at the watch, the wearer can easily determine both the day of the week and the date, saving time and effort. This functionality is especially useful for those who rely on their watches for daily appointments and time management.

Demonstration of Working Day-Date Functions

To showcase the working day-date functions of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231, a quick demonstration can be given. By adjusting the crown of the watch, the wearer can cycle through the different day and date options. The day is displayed in both English and Spanish, catering to a wider audience. The mechanism behind the day-date functions is precise and reliable, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

Internal Mechanism

Strong Amplitude

The internal mechanism of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 boasts a strong amplitude, resulting in smooth and precise timekeeping. The balance wheel oscillates at a high frequency, contributing to the watch’s exceptional accuracy. This strong amplitude is a testament to the quality and precision engineering that goes into the creation of Seiko watches.

Touch Fast Timekeeping

Thanks to the reliable movement of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231, it offers touch-fast timekeeping. This means that the watch gains or loses minimal time over an extended period. The accuracy and consistency of the watch’s timekeeping make it a trusted companion for daily wear.

Common Slowdown Over Time

As with any mechanical watch, the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 may experience a slowdown over time. This can be attributed to the natural wear and tear that occurs within the movement. Regular servicing and proper adjustment by a professional watchmaker can help address this issue, ensuring that the watch continues to perform optimally.

Thorough Servicing and Proper Adjustment

To maintain the internal mechanism of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231, periodic servicing and proper adjustment are essential. This involves disassembling the watch, cleaning each component, lubricating the necessary parts, and properly reassembling the watch. A professional watchmaker will also assess the movement’s accuracy and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it keeps time accurately.


Appreciation for Vintage Watch Street

Vintage Watch Street is a platform that allows collectors and watch enthusiasts to discover and appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of vintage watches. The Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 is just one example of the many exceptional timepieces that can be found in this community. By providing a platform for sellers and buyers to connect, Vintage Watch Street makes it possible to find and acquire rare and unique watches like the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231.

Overall Impression of the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231

In conclusion, the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 is a stunning vintage watch that combines timeless design with reliable mechanical movement. Its modded crystal and original dial add to its allure, while the various strap options allow for customization and versatility. The green sunburst dial, paired with the day-date functions, makes for a practical yet visually captivating timepiece. With periodic servicing and proper adjustment, the Seiko LM LordMatic 5606-7231 will continue to stand the test of time, captivating watch enthusiasts for generations to come.

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