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Vintage Seiko 5606-7070 – Fully Serviced

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In this article, we will be discussing the Vintage Seiko 5606-7070, a fully serviced timepiece. The video, created by Vintage Watch Street, showcases this particular watch and provides detailed information about its condition, features, and functions. Vintage Watch Street, known for their expertise in vintage watches, is a reputable source for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The article will cover various aspects of the watch, including its restored dial, exquisite case, original crystal and hands, and aftermarket straps and buckles. Additionally, it will delve into the function and condition of the watch, highlighting the importance of checking the day-date feature on a Seiko automatic like the 5606. With its professional servicing and excellent running condition, this Vintage Seiko 5606-7070 is sure to attract attention from watch enthusiasts.

Vintage Seiko 5606-7070 - Fully Serviced


Welcome to this comprehensive article on the Seiko 5606-7070, a vintage watch that has captivated collectors and watch enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will delve into the details of this timepiece, discuss its importance and value, explore its various features, and highlight the significance of proper servicing and maintenance.

Overview of the Seiko 5606-7070

The Seiko 5606-7070 is a vintage watch model that holds a special place in the hearts of watch aficionados. Produced by Seiko, a renowned Japanese watchmaker, this model was manufactured during a time when watchmaking was at its peak. It is characterized by its classic design, high-quality craftsmanship, and reliable movement.

Details about the vintage Seiko model

The Seiko 5606-7070 features a 37mm stainless steel case, showcasing a timeless design that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its dial is adorned with hour markers and hands, displaying the time with clarity and precision. The watch also boasts a day-date function, providing added practicality and convenience.

Importance of a fully serviced watch

When it comes to vintage watches, one of the key factors that determines its value and longevity is the condition of the timepiece. A fully serviced watch, such as the Seiko 5606-7070, ensures that all its components are in optimal working condition. Regular servicing not only enhances the watch’s performance but also helps preserve its value over time.

Watch Condition

Restored dial

One of the key aspects of the Seiko 5606-7070’s condition is its restored dial. A restored dial means that any imperfections or signs of wear have been meticulously addressed, restoring the watch’s original charm and character. A professionally restored dial ensures that the watch retains its aesthetic appeal and enhances its overall value.

Exquisite case

The case of the Seiko 5606-7070 is another aspect that warrants attention. An exquisite case devoid of major scratches or dents adds to the watch’s appeal. The stainless steel case of this vintage model is designed to withstand the test of time, making it a durable timepiece that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Original crystal and correct hands

Preserving the original crystal and ensuring the correct hands are in place contribute to the authenticity and value of the Seiko 5606-7070. The crystal of this vintage model is typically made of a durable material such as acrylic, which may exhibit signs of wear over time. However, replacing the crystal with an original or period-correct replacement maintains the watch’s integrity and originality, further enhancing its desirability.

Straps and Buckles

Non-Seiko aftermarket straps and buckles

While the Seiko 5606-7070 may have originally come with a Seiko branded strap and buckle, it is not uncommon to find vintage models fitted with non-Seiko aftermarket straps and buckles due to the passage of time. However, the choice of straps should still be made with care, ensuring that they complement the aesthetic and style of the watch.

Ostrich skin straps

Ostrich skin straps are a popular choice among watch enthusiasts for their unique texture and luxurious appearance. Pairing the Seiko 5606-7070 with an ostrich skin strap can enhance its overall elegance and elevate its presence on the wrist. However, it is important to choose a strap that is of high quality and properly sized to ensure a comfortable fit.

Suitable wrist size

When considering the straps and buckles for the Seiko 5606-7070, it is crucial to take into account the wearer’s wrist size. A properly sized strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while also maintaining the overall proportions and balance of the watch on the wrist. This consideration further enhances the wearer’s enjoyment and satisfaction with the timepiece.

Bezel and Lugs

Signs of wear on the bezel

The bezel of the Seiko 5606-7070 is an important component that not only adds to its visual appeal but also offers functionality. The presence of any signs of wear on the bezel should be carefully examined, as it may indicate the age and usage of the watch. A well-preserved bezel further enhances the aesthetic value of the timepiece.

Importance of pry points

Another aspect to consider when assessing the condition of the Seiko 5606-7070 is the presence of pry points on the case. Pry points are small indentations or marks around the edge of the caseback, indicating previous opening and servicing of the watch. The correct placement and alignment of these pry points are vital to confirm the authenticity of the watch and assure potential buyers of its proper servicing history.

Condition of the lugs

The lugs of the Seiko 5606-7070 play an important role in ensuring a secure and comfortable fit on the wrist. The condition of the lugs should be carefully examined, looking for any signs of wear or damage. The lugs should be intact and properly aligned, ensuring that the watch sits properly on the wrist and does not shift or slide during wear.


Testing the date flip at midnight

One of the key tests to assess the functionality of the Seiko 5606-7070 is to observe the date flip at midnight. A well-functioning watch should display an accurate and smooth transition from one date to the next precisely at midnight. This test ensures that the movement of the watch is in good condition and properly synchronized with the date mechanism.

Testing the day-date function at 6:30 PM

In addition to the date function, the Seiko 5606-7070 also features a day-date function. To test this function, the watch should be observed around 6:30 PM, where the transition should occur from one day to the next while retaining the correct date display. This test guarantees that both the day and date mechanisms are properly aligned and calibrated.

Importance of checking the functionality

Checking the functionality of the Seiko 5606-7070 is crucial to ensure that the timepiece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reliable in its timekeeping abilities. A watch that performs accurately and consistently enhances the wearer’s confidence and satisfaction, making it a true investment for both the present and future.

Servicing and Maintenance

Swiss oil service by a professional watchmaker

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the Seiko 5606-7070, regular servicing and maintenance are paramount. A Swiss oil service conducted by a professional watchmaker involves disassembling the watch, cleaning the components, and lubricating the necessary parts with high-quality oils. This meticulous process enhances the movement’s performance, reduces friction, and minimizes wear and tear.

Benefits of servicing a vintage watch

Servicing a vintage watch like the Seiko 5606-7070 offers numerous benefits. Apart from ensuring the smooth operation of the timepiece, servicing can also prevent potential damage or issues that may arise from neglect or wear. Regular maintenance prolongs the watch’s lifespan, preserves its value, and enhances its overall aesthetics and functionality.


In conclusion, the Seiko 5606-7070 is a vintage watch that embodies the timeless appeal of classic timepieces. Its exquisite design, reliable movement, and high-quality craftsmanship make it a sought-after watch among collectors and enthusiasts. By paying attention to its condition, choosing suitable straps and buckles, evaluating the bezel and lugs, testing its functionality, and prioritizing servicing and maintenance, the Seiko 5606-7070 can continue to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.

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