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Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 – Orig Sunburst Dial – Serviced & Refinished Case

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In this article, we will explore the Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000, focusing on its original sunburst dial and serviced/refinished case. This particular watch is a used 2nd hand piece, yet it remains in very nice condition, especially in regards to the dial, case, and machine. The case dimensions are 36 x 41 x 9 mm (excluding crown), and it features a solid case back for better waterproofing. The watch comes with a handmade strap, new handmade ostrich skin strap, and an aftermarket buckle. The Seiko LM was first introduced in July 1968, and this model, the 5606-7000, was produced in August 1974. The article also delves into the history and background of the Seiko LM series, discussing its features, variations, and its use of the 56 base movement from King Seiko.

Moving on, the article emphasizes how well the Vintage 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 fits and rides on the wrist, with a sleek and balanced design. The original sunburst dial is in fantastic condition, and the watch features dolphin hands that have acquired some scratches over time. It is important to note that the watch has been professionally serviced, ensuring its accuracy and optimal performance. The article concludes by thanking readers for their attention and inviting them to follow Vintage Watch Street on its website, via email, and on YouTube for more content related to vintage watches.

Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 – Orig Sunburst Dial – Serviced & Refinished Case

Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 - Orig Sunburst Dial - Serviced  Refinished Case

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Vintage watches hold a special charm and allure that modern timepieces often lack. They are not just functional timekeeping devices but also works of art and craftsmanship. The Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is a prime example of a vintage watch that combines both style and functionality. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of this timepiece, from its brand and model information to its history and background.

Brand and Model Information

The Seiko brand needs no introduction in the world of watches. Known for its precision, reliability, and quality, Seiko has been a prominent player in the watch industry for decades. The LM Lord Matic is one of Seiko’s iconic models, and the 5606-7000 variant is a true representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Condition and Features

When purchasing a vintage watch, its condition is of utmost importance. The Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is a used timepiece but is in excellent condition. As a second-hand watch, the overall quality is remarkable, especially considering its age. The dial, case, and machine are all in very nice condition, showcasing the watch’s enduring quality.

Case and Dial Details

The case of the Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is a steel Tanaka design. It has undergone professional polishing using advanced equipment to preserve its sharp edges, without rounding them out. Though there may be a few fine scratches, the overall condition of the case is exceptional. The dimensions of the case, excluding the crown, measure 36 x 41 x 9 mm, making it a reasonably sized watch for its era.

The dial of the 5606-7000 is original and has not been repainted. It is in superb condition, with no visible signs of wear or fading. The dial bears the marking “Japan 5606-7001S,” affirming its authenticity. The hands of the watch are also original, though they may have some minor scratches typical of a vintage timepiece. The dial and hands, along with the sunburst design, contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the watch.

Movement and Caliber Details

The Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is powered by the caliber 5606A movement. This automatic winding movement also offers manual winding and hacking functionalities. With a high beat rate of 28,600 vibrations per hour, the movement ensures accurate timekeeping. The watch contains 23 jewels, which contribute to the smooth operation of the movement.

Hacking, a feature that allows the wearer to stop the seconds hand to set the time precisely, is present in the 5606-7000. This function works flawlessly, further enhancing the watch’s practicality. The accuracy of the watch has been tested and the results show it to be within an impressive range of +/- 3-5 seconds per day. This level of accuracy is a testament to the quality and precision of Seiko’s craftsmanship.

Band and Buckle Information

The Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 comes with a 19mm handmade ostrich skin strap and an aftermarket buckle. The strap length is designed to fit a 7.25 inch wrist loosely or a 7.5 inch wrist tightly. It is important to note that handmade items may have small flaws and imperfections, which adds to their unique charm and character.

Servicing and Accuracy

To ensure optimal performance, the Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 has been professionally serviced. The servicing was carried out by a true master watchmaker, using proper Swiss oils. This meticulous servicing guarantees that the watch functions at its best and maintains its reliability.

Accuracy is a crucial aspect of any watch, and the 5606-7000 delivers in this regard. It has been flat tested and shows a remarkably low deviation of +/- 3-5 seconds per day. The power reserve lasts for a minimum of 24 hours, ensuring that the watch continues to function seamlessly throughout the day. Timegraph results, which measure the rate, amplitude, and beat error of the watch, reveal excellent performance, with a rate of +2, an amplitude of 263, and a beat error of 0.1.

Quick Set and Time Setting Instructions

The Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 offers a quick set function, which allows for easy adjustment of the day and date. It is important to follow the provided instructions to prevent any damage to the function. To set the day and date, the crown should be pulled out to position #1. However, it is advised never to adjust the day and date between 8pm and 4am. The optimal time for adjustment is between 8am and noon, with noon being the best time (not midnight).

For time setting, the crown should be pulled out to position 2. The desired time can then be set by gently rolling the crown. Once the time is set, the crown should be pushed back in, and the watch will continue to run smoothly.

Additional Remarks

The Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is an entirely original timepiece, with no replacement parts except for the handmade strap and aftermarket buckle. This authenticity contributes to the value of the watch and ensures that it remains a desirable item for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

History and Background

The Seiko LM series was first introduced in July 1968 and remained in production well into the late 1970s. The early models of LM did not feature the LM logo on the dial, but it was added from late 1969 onwards. The LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is just one variant of this series, which included four variations in total, including different bracelets and hand sets.

The base movement for the LM series is the 56 base, originally from King Seiko. The 56 base movement was known for its sleek and thin design, which was considered upmarket for the time. The 5606-7000 features a 36mm case, which was substantial for that period and still holds its own in the current era.

The hacking function, present in the 5606-7000, was a highly sought-after feature since it allowed for precise time setting and accuracy checking. Additionally, the earlier models of the LM series, including the 5606-7000, featured solid casebacks, providing better waterproofing compared to screw back case backs of that time.

In conclusion, the Vintage August 1974 Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is a remarkable vintage watch that embodies the elegance and functionality for which Seiko is renowned. With its exceptional condition, originality, and impressive accuracy, this timepiece is a true collector’s item. Whether you are a seasoned watch enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of vintage watches, the Seiko LM Lord Matic 5606-7000 is sure to captivate and impress.

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