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Seiko Prospex Transocean Divers 200m SBDC047 “Rising Wave” Luxury Watch Review

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Introducing the Seiko Prospex Transocean Divers 200m SBDC047 “Rising Wave” Luxury Watch Review, brought to you by WatchBox Reviews. This timepiece serves as a striking alternative to the Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller D-Blue, offering all the essential features for those seeking recreational diving adventures. Equipped with a full ceramic bezel with screw-fixed “captive bezel” security, Seiko Lumibrite dial luminance, and a stainless steel diving bracelet with diving clasp and dive suit clasp extension, the Seiko Prospex Transocean Diver’s 200m ensures both functionality and style. Its 45.5mm stainless steel case, monobloc black ceramic bezel, and blue dial complete the watch’s robust appearance. With Seiko’s patented Diashield surface protection, this timepiece is exceptionally resistant to scratches and scuffs. Measuring 14mm in thickness and 54.4mm from lug-to-lug, the Seiko Prospex Transocean Divers 200m SBDC047 “Rising Wave” is a true marvel. For a comprehensive review, be sure to watch the full review on WatchBox Reviews. Visit our website at to discover the latest pre-owned luxury watch arrivals and explore the unrivaled value provided by our previously loved timepieces.

Seiko Prospex Transocean Divers 200m SBDC047 Rising Wave Luxury Watch Review



The case of a watch serves as the protective housing for all its components. In terms of design, a case can vary in shape and material. While some cases are round, others might have a square or rectangular design. Additionally, cases can be made from stainless steel, gold, titanium, or other materials. The choice of case material can impact both the aesthetics and durability of the watch.


The bezel is the outer ring that surrounds the dial of a watch. It can be fixed or rotating, depending on the watch model. Rotating bezels are often found in sports or diving watches, as they can be used to measure elapsed time. Fixed bezels, on the other hand, are typically found in dress watches and serve a more aesthetic purpose. Bezels can also be decorated with various markings or gemstones to enhance the overall design of the watch.


The dial of a watch is the face that displays the time. It usually consists of hour markers, minute markers, and hands. Dials can come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing for personalization and style. Some dials may feature additional complications, such as date or chronograph functions. The design and legibility of the dial are key factors to consider when choosing a watch, as it directly impacts the ease of reading the time.


The bracelet of a watch is the band that secures it to the wrist. It can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, leather, or rubber. The choice of bracelet material can affect the comfort and overall look of the watch. Additionally, bracelets can come in different styles, such as a metal link bracelet or a leather strap. The design and quality of the bracelet play a significant role in both the visual appeal and durability of the watch.


The functions of a watch refer to the various features it offers beyond telling time. Common functions include displaying the date, having a chronograph (stopwatch) feature, or indicating additional time zones. The availability of these functions can vary based on the watch model and brand. When choosing a watch, it is important to consider which functions are essential to your needs, as well as the ease of operating and reading the functions.


Case Design

The design of the watch case is a crucial factor in determining its overall aesthetics and wearability. It encompasses aspects such as shape, size, and finishing. Case shapes can range from classic round to bold square or avant-garde asymmetrical designs. The size of the case should be proportionate to your wrist for both comfort and visual appeal. The finishing of the case, whether it is brushed, polished, or a combination of both, adds to the overall look and feel of the watch.

Bezel Design

The design of the bezel greatly contributes to the character and functionality of a watch. It can be plain and minimalistic, featuring only hour markings, or more elaborate with intricate designs or gemstone embellishments. Bezel designs can also reflect specific themes or purposes, such as sports-inspired tachymeter scales or diving-themed countdown markings. The choice of bezel design ultimately depends on personal preferences and the intended use of the watch.

Dial Design

The dial design is an essential aspect of the watch’s overall appearance. It can range from simple and clean to complex and intricate. The layout of hour markers, the style of hands, and the choice of fonts all contribute to the legibility and visual appeal of the dial. Additionally, the use of colors, textures, and finishes on the dial can significantly enhance the watch’s design. It is important to choose a dial design that suits your personal taste and ensures easy reading of the time.

Bracelet Design

The bracelet design not only affects the overall look of the watch but also contributes to its comfort and versatility. Metal link bracelets offer a timeless and elegant appearance, while leather straps provide a more classic and sophisticated look. Rubber straps, on the other hand, are often chosen for their durability and sporty appeal. The design of the bracelet, including the shape and size of the links or the texture and stitching on leather, adds to the overall style and wearability of the watch.



Luminescence is a feature that allows the watch to glow in the dark, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. This feature is achieved by coating the hour markers, hands, or the entire dial with luminescent material. The quality and duration of luminescence can vary depending on the specific material used. The presence of luminescence in a watch is especially important for those who rely on their timepiece in dark or underwater environments.

Diashield Surface Protection

Diashield surface protection is a technology developed by certain watch brands to enhance the scratch resistance of their watches. This technology involves a hard coating applied to the watch’s case, bezel, or bracelet to provide increased durability and protection against daily wear and tear. Diashield surface protection ensures that the watch maintains its pristine appearance over time, offering peace of mind to individuals who lead an active lifestyle.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is a crucial feature for individuals who engage in water-related activities or simply want a watch that can withstand exposure to moisture. Water-resistant watches are typically labeled with a specific depth rating, indicating the level of water pressure they can withstand without allowing water to enter the case. It is important to note that water resistance is not a permanent feature and can decrease over time due to aging or improper maintenance. Proper care and regular servicing are essential to maintain the water resistance of a watch.



The accuracy of a watch refers to how closely it keeps time in relation to an established standard. Most modern watches are equipped with quartz movements or automatic movements, both of which are capable of providing accurate timekeeping. Quartz movements are known for their exceptional accuracy, often only deviating a few seconds per month. Automatic movements, on the other hand, rely on a balance wheel and a mainspring, which can result in slight variations in timekeeping. It is important to consider the intended use and personal tolerance for accuracy when choosing a watch.


The durability of a watch is an essential factor, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle or work in physically demanding environments. A durable watch should be built to withstand shocks, impacts, and other external stresses that it may encounter during daily wear. The choice of materials and construction methods used in the case, bracelet, and movement greatly influences the overall durability of the watch. It is advisable to select a watch that is designed for durability to ensure that it can withstand the rigors of your lifestyle.


Comfort is an often overlooked but important aspect of a watch’s performance. A watch that is uncomfortable to wear can become a burden, especially for individuals who wear their timepiece for extended periods. Factors such as the weight, size, and ergonomics of the watch should be considered to ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist. Additionally, the type of bracelet or strap can also impact overall comfort. Selecting a watch that is comfortable to wear allows for a seamless integration into your daily routine.



The primary function of a watch is to display the current hour. Whether indicated by numerical hour markers or hour hands on the dial, the ability to tell the time accurately is fundamental. Depending on personal preferences and lifestyle needs, individuals may choose between watches with traditional hour hands or digital displays for ease of reading the time.


Alongside indicating the hour, watches also display minutes. The minutes can be marked by minute hands or minute markers on the dial. Accuracy in displaying the minutes ensures precise timekeeping and convenient time referencing for everyday activities and appointments.


The seconds function allows for the precise measurement of time down to the second. This feature is particularly useful in activities that require precise timing, such as sports, cooking, or scientific experiments. The seconds hand can be found on both analog and digital watches, enabling individuals to track time with accuracy.


Many watches offer the additional function of displaying the date. This can be done through various mechanisms, such as a date window on the dial or a rotating date wheel. The ability to conveniently keep track of the date without the need for a separate calendar enhances the usefulness and practicality of the watch.


Case Thickness

The thickness of the watch case is an important consideration for both aesthetics and comfort. A thinner case profile can provide a sleek and sophisticated look, making it suitable for dressier occasions. On the other hand, a thicker case may imply a more robust and sporty design. It is crucial to choose a case thickness that not only aligns with personal style preferences but also ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist.

Lug-to-Lug Measurement

The lug-to-lug measurement is the distance between the lugs of the watch case. This measurement determines the overall length of the watch when worn on the wrist. A lug-to-lug measurement that is too long for your wrist can result in an uncomfortable fit and an unbalanced look. It is essential to consider the lug-to-lug measurement to ensure that the watch is proportionate to your wrist size and wears comfortably.

Price and Value

Competitive Pricing

The price of a watch is an important factor to consider when making a purchase decision. Competitive pricing ensures that the watch is offered at a fair market price in relation to its features, materials, and craftsmanship. It is recommended to compare prices across different brands and models to ensure that you are getting the best value for your investment. Additionally, considering the reputation and aftersales service offered by the brand can add value to your purchasing decision.

Pre-owned Market Value

The pre-owned market value of a watch refers to the price it commands in the secondary market. Some watches, particularly those from renowned brands or limited editions, might retain or increase their value over time. This can make pre-owned purchases a viable option for those looking to acquire a luxury timepiece at a more affordable price. Prior research and understanding of the pre-owned market value can aid in making an informed decision and potentially allow for future value appreciation.


  • Wide variety of case, bezel, dial, and bracelet designs to suit personal style preferences
  • Availability of various functions, such as date display or chronograph, for added convenience
  • Luminescence feature for visibility in low-light conditions
  • Diashield surface protection enhances scratch resistance and durability
  • Water resistance for activities that involve exposure to moisture
  • Accurate timekeeping through quartz or automatic movements
  • Durable construction to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Comfortable fit for seamless integration into daily routine
  • Functional and legible displays for easy time reading


  • Higher-priced models might be out of budget for some individuals
  • Limited availability of certain designs or functions in specific watch brands
  • Water resistance can diminish over time without proper maintenance
  • Automatic movements may require periodic servicing for optimal performance
  • Personal preferences for size, weight, and other factors might affect perceived cons


When considering the purchase of a watch, it is important to evaluate its specifications, design, features, performance, functions, size, and price. The case, bezel, dial, and bracelet designs contribute to the overall aesthetics and wearability of the watch. Features such as luminescence, diashield surface protection, and water resistance enhance the functionality and durability of the timepiece. The performance of the watch in terms of accuracy, durability, and comfort is crucial for reliable timekeeping. Functions like displaying hours, minutes, seconds, and the date add to the practicality and usefulness of the watch. Considering the size and price of the watch ensures a suitable fit and value for your investment. Evaluating the aforementioned factors and understanding the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision when selecting a watch that best suits your preferences and needs.

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