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Seiko Prospex “Emperor Tuna” Marine Master Pro 1000M Diver Seiko Tuna SBDX014 Luxury Watch Review

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The Seiko Prospex “Emperor Tuna” Marine Master Pro 1000M Diver, also known as the Seiko Tuna SBDX014, is a luxury watch that boasts impressive specifications. This timepiece features a titanium and ceramic case with a rose gold bezel, measuring 53.5mm x 52.4mm. It comes on a black silicone strap and offers functions such as hours, minutes, seconds, and date.




In the world of luxury timepieces, few brands can match the prestige and craftsmanship offered by Seiko. This article will provide a comprehensive review of the seiko prospex sbgh255, a remarkable dive watch renowned for its exceptional design, performance, and water resistance capabilities. From its elegant and robust construction to its precise and reliable movement, the SBGH255 is a timepiece that excels in both form and function.


Before delving deeper into the various aspects of the Seiko Prospex SBGH255, let’s first look at its key specifications. The watch features a stainless steel case measuring 44mm in diameter and 15.7mm in thickness, making it an imposing presence on the wrist. The strap is crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring comfort and durability. With a unidirectional rotating bezel, sapphire crystal, and a water resistance rating of 1000 meters, this watch is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. The movement powering the SBGH255 is the renowned 8L35, which offers exceptional accuracy and reliability.


Size and Materials

One of the standout features of the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 is its substantial size and robust construction. The 44mm stainless steel case lends an air of authority to the watch, making it a statement piece on the wrist. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability, while the satin and polished finishes provide a sophisticated aesthetic.

Strap and Hardware

The SBGH255 comes equipped with a silicone strap that offers both comfort and durability. The strap’s flexibility allows for a secure and comfortable fit, making it ideal for extended wear. The satin and polished hardware on the strap complements the case, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Case Construction

Seiko is known for its meticulous attention to detail, and the case construction of the SBGH255 is no exception. The integration of the crown guard and the robust screw-down case back ensures that the watch remains water-resistant, even under extreme conditions. The solid case construction also provides added protection to the movement, making the SBGH255 a timepiece that can be relied upon for years to come.

Crown and Bezel

The crown of the SBGH255 is recessed into the case, minimizing the risk of accidental engagement while ensuring ease of operation. This design choice not only enhances the watch’s aesthetics but also improves its functionality. The unidirectional rotating bezel is smooth and precise, allowing for easy tracking of elapsed time during dives or other activities that require accurate timing.

Crystal and Dial

The Seiko Prospex SBGH255 features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that provides excellent clarity and protection. The anti-reflective coating applied to the crystal ensures optimal visibility in different lighting conditions. The dial of the SBGH255 is elegant and legible, with large applied hour markers and hands filled with lume for enhanced visibility.


Seiko has a well-deserved reputation for producing watches with exceptional lume, and the SBGH255 is no exception. The lume on the hour markers, hands, and bezel is bright and long-lasting, ensuring optimal visibility in low-light conditions. The lume on the SBGH255 truly shines, making it an ideal companion for adventures both above and below the water.


8L35 Movement

At the heart of the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 is the remarkable 8L35 movement, a movement that has become synonymous with precision and reliability. Developed specifically for diver’s watches, the 8L35 features a higher shock resistance and enhanced performance in challenging conditions. The movement is also designed to be highly serviceable, allowing for easy and efficient maintenance.

Power Reserve

The SBGH255 boasts an impressive power reserve of approximately 50 hours, ensuring that the watch will continue to run even when not in use for extended periods. This feature is particularly beneficial for divers or individuals who rotate their timepieces regularly, as it eliminates the need for constant resetting and winding.

Accuracy and Features

Seiko is renowned for its commitment to accuracy, and the SBGH255 upholds this tradition. The 8L35 movement is capable of achieving an accuracy of +15 to -10 seconds per day. Additionally, the movement features a hacking mechanism, allowing for precise time setting, and a quickset date function for added convenience. These features make the SBGH255 a reliable companion, both on land and underwater.

Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna Marine Master Pro 1000M Diver Seiko Tuna SBDX014 Luxury Watch Review

Water Resistance

1000 Meter Rating

One of the most impressive aspects of the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 is its exceptional water resistance rating of 1000 meters. This rating surpasses the capabilities of many other dive watches on the market, making the SBGH255 a standout choice for serious divers and water sports enthusiasts. The watch’s robust construction, including the screw-down crown and case back, ensures that it can withstand the extreme pressures encountered at significant depths.

Helium Escape Valve

To further enhance its water resistance capabilities, the SBGH255 is equipped with a helium escape valve. This feature allows any helium gas that may enter the watch during deep dives to escape safely, preventing potential damage to the watch’s crystal and movement.

HD Gas Technology

The SBGH255 incorporates Seiko’s HD gas technology, which enhances the watch’s water resistance. The HD gas is injected into the watch to replace any air trapped during the assembly process, ensuring that the watch is entirely watertight. This technology provides an additional layer of protection, allowing the SBGH255 to perform flawlessly even in the most demanding aquatic environments.

Comfort and Wearability

Size and Fit

Despite its imposing size, the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 wears comfortably on the wrist. The 44mm case, while substantial, is well-balanced and sits comfortably on a variety of wrist sizes. The curved lugs and ergonomic design ensure a snug fit, allowing for all-day wear without discomfort.

Silicone Strap

The silicone strap of the SBGH255 adds to its overall comfort and wearability. The material is soft and flexible, conforming to the wrist for a secure and comfortable fit. The strap is also resistant to water, moisture, and UV rays, ensuring its durability even in the harshest conditions.

Satin and Polished Hardware

The satin and polished hardware on the SBGH255 strap not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to the watch’s overall comfort. The satin-finished links provide a luxurious feel against the skin, while the polished accents add a touch of sophistication.

Recessed Crown

The recessed crown of the SBGH255 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds to the watch’s comfort and wearability. By recessing the crown into the case, Seiko eliminates the risk of the crown digging into the back of the wrist, a common issue with watches that have prominent crowns.

Weight and Balance

Despite its robust construction, the SBGH255 manages to maintain an excellent weight distribution and balance. The watch feels substantial on the wrist without being overly heavy, making it suitable for everyday wear. The balance provided by the design ensures that the watch remains comfortable even during extended periods of use.


Dive Capabilities

As a diver’s watch, the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 excels in its water resistance capabilities. With a rating of 1000 meters, it surpasses the requirements for professional diving, making it a reliable companion for underwater adventures. The unidirectional rotating bezel and clear dial markings allow for precise tracking of elapsed time, ensuring the safety and efficiency of any dive.

Unidirectional Bezel

The unidirectional rotating bezel on the SBGH255 is not only a crucial tool for divers but also a testament to Seiko’s commitment to precision. The bezel operates smoothly and precisely, allowing for accurate time monitoring during dives or other activities that require precise timing. The bezel’s design ensures that it can only rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, eliminating the risk of accidental movement and ensuring the safety of the diver.

Click Precision

The SBGH255 excels in its click precision, a factor that is crucial for accurate timekeeping and timing during dives. Each click of the bezel is crisp and precise, ensuring that the watch can be set and read with confidence. This attention to detail and precision is a hallmark of Seiko’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Sapphire Crystal

The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal used on the SBGH255 provides exceptional clarity and protection. With its excellent hardness, the crystal is highly resistant to scratches and impacts, ensuring that the dial remains pristine under various conditions. The anti-reflective coating further enhances visibility, eliminating glare and providing optimal legibility in different lighting situations.

Lume Brightness

Seiko is renowned for its exceptional lume, and the SBGH255 lives up to this reputation. The lume on the hour markers, hands, and bezel is bright and long-lasting, ensuring optimal visibility in low-light conditions. Whether diving at night or exploring the depths of a cave, the lume on the SBGH255 provides reliable illumination, enhancing safety and readability.

Comparison to Grand Seiko

8L35 vs 9S55 Movement

One of the primary differentiating factors between the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 and the Grand Seiko line is the movement used. While the SBGH255 features the 8L35 movement, the Grand Seiko models typically employ the 9S55 movement. Both movements are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, with the 9S55 offering slightly higher performance in terms of precision. However, the 8L35 movement is specifically designed for diver’s watches, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a timepiece dedicated to aquatic adventures.

Similarities and Differences

While there are differences in the movements used between the SBGH255 and the Grand Seiko models, the overall design and craftsmanship of both lines remain consistent. Both the Prospex and Grand Seiko lines are built to the highest standards, featuring robust construction, exceptional water resistance, and impeccable attention to detail. Whether one chooses the Prospex SBGH255 or a Grand Seiko timepiece, they can be assured of owning a watch of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Recommended Pairings


When it comes to matching the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 with accessories, a minimalist approach is often recommended. A simple leather or NATO strap can complement the watch’s elegant design without overpowering it. Additionally, a dive watch strap tool can be useful for easily swapping out straps and ensuring a secure fit.

Adventure Wear

Given the exceptional water resistance capabilities of the SBGH255, it is an ideal companion for any aquatic or outdoor adventure. Whether embarking on a deep-sea dive or exploring rugged terrain, this watch will withstand the most demanding conditions. Pair it with a wetsuit or outdoor gear for a practical yet stylish look.

Summer and Warm Climates

The SBGH255’s robust construction and remarkable resistance to moisture make it an excellent choice for summer and warm climates. Whether relaxing on the beach or enjoying outdoor activities, this watch will withstand the elements. Pair it with lightweight, breathable clothing and accessories for a stylish and comfortable summer look.

Customer Reviews

Positive Feedback

Customers who have purchased the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with both its design and performance. Many highlight its durability, water resistance, and accuracy. The elegance of the watch is frequently praised, with customers noting its ability to seamlessly transition from a dive watch to a sophisticated timepiece suitable for both formal and casual occasions. The lume brightness is also a standout feature that customers appreciate, ensuring optimal visibility in various lighting conditions.

Negative Feedback

While the majority of customers are highly satisfied with the SBGH255, a few have expressed concerns regarding its size. Some individuals with smaller wrists find the watch to be too imposing and overpowering. Additionally, a few customers have noted that the price of the SBGH255 is higher compared to other dive watches with similar specifications. However, these concerns are subjective, and the overall positive feedback far outweighs any minor criticisms.


Overall Assessment

In conclusion, the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 is a standout dive watch that combines exceptional design, performance, and water resistance capabilities. Its robust construction, remarkable accuracy, and impressive 1000-meter water resistance rating make it an ideal companion for divers and outdoor enthusiasts. The 8L35 movement, known for its reliability and precision, ensures optimal timekeeping under the most challenging conditions.

Final Thoughts

For those seeking a luxury timepiece that excels in both form and function, the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 is a worthy contender. Representing Seiko’s commitment to craftsmanship, this watch offers a level of quality and performance that is unmatched in its price range. With its elegant design, remarkable durability, and exceptional water resistance, the Seiko Prospex SBGH255 is a timepiece that will truly stand the test of time.

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