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Rolex Yacht-Master 42 Oysterflex 226659 Rolex Watch Review

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The Rolex Yacht-Master 42 Oysterflex 226659 is an impressive timepiece that combines luxury and functionality. With its 42mm 18k white gold case and black dial, it exudes elegance and sophistication. The watch features the Rolex automatic caliber 3235, offering a 70-hour power reserve and COSC Swiss chronometer certification. It is also water-resistant up to 100 meters and comes with a bidirectional rotating timing bezel. The black Oysterflex strap adds a sporty touch to the overall design. This comprehensive watch review by Tim Mosso provides all the essential details and insights about the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 Oysterflex 226659. If you’re in search of a pre-owned luxury timepiece, visit for the latest arrivals and exceptional value in previously loved watches.

Design and Features

Case and Strap

The design of a Rolex watch is instantly recognizable and highly regarded in the luxury watch industry. The case of a Rolex watch is constructed with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing high-quality materials such as stainless steel, 18k gold, or a combination of both. The case is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing, with its smooth lines and refined finish. Additionally, the choice of strap is an important feature in the overall design of a Rolex watch. Whether it be a classic Oyster bracelet, a sporty Jubilee bracelet, or a luxurious leather strap, Rolex offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and occasions.

Dial and Bezel

The dial of a Rolex watch is not only functional but also visually captivating. Rolex offers an array of dial colors and designs to fit different models and styles, ensuring that there is a dial for every taste. The bezel, on the other hand, serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. It not only enhances the overall design of the watch but also provides additional features such as measuring elapsed time or tracking multiple time zones, depending on the specific model.

Crown and Water Resistance

The crown of a Rolex watch is an essential element in its functionality. It is responsible for setting the time and date, as well as winding the watch. Rolex takes pride in the engineering and craftsmanship of its crowns, ensuring that they are not only easy to use but also water-resistant. Speaking of water resistance, Rolex watches are known for their exceptional ability to withstand water pressure. Each Rolex watch undergoes strict testing to ensure it meets the brand’s rigorous standards, making it suitable for various water activities such as swimming, diving, or yachting.

Bracelet and Clasp

The bracelet and clasp of a Rolex watch are designed to provide both comfort and security. Rolex offers a range of bracelet options, including the iconic Oyster bracelet, the sporty Oysterflex bracelet, and the elegant Jubilee bracelet. Each bracelet is meticulously crafted to ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist, while the clasp is designed to provide a secure closure, preventing accidental opening or loss of the watch.

Adjustability and Comfort

Rolex understands the importance of a watch that fits well on the wrist and can be easily adjusted for individual comfort. The brand offers various mechanisms for adjusting the bracelet, such as the Easylink extension system, which allows for a quick and convenient adjustment of the bracelet length. Additionally, Rolex’s attention to detail extends to the comfort of wearing the watch, with features such as smooth edges and ergonomic designs to ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day.

Case Size and Dimensions

Rolex recognizes that individuals have different preferences when it comes to the size and dimensions of their watches. As such, the brand offers a variety of case sizes to cater to different wrist sizes and style preferences. Whether you prefer a larger, more prominent watch or a smaller, understated timepiece, Rolex has options to suit every taste.

Lugs and Crown Guard

The lugs and crown guard of a Rolex watch contribute to its overall design and functionality. The lugs are the part of the case where the strap or bracelet is attached, and Rolex pays great attention to their proportions and shape to ensure a harmonious integration with the case. The crown guard, on the other hand, provides additional protection to the crown, ensuring that it is not easily damaged or accidentally pulled out.

Bezel Functionality

The bezel of a Rolex watch serves various functions depending on the model. Some bezels are designed to measure elapsed time, while others can track multiple time zones or perform specific functions such as countdowns in regatta timing watches. Rolex’s bezels are meticulously crafted and engineered to ensure smooth and precise operation, allowing for easy adjustment of the desired function.

Dial Design

Rolex is known for its timeless and elegant dial designs, which are highly legible and aesthetically pleasing. The brand offers a variety of dial designs, ranging from classic and simple to more intricate and detailed. Each dial is meticulously crafted, with attention to every detail, such as the placement of hour markers, the choice of font, and the arrangement of sub-dials for chronograph models. Rolex’s commitment to dial design ensures that every watch offers a visually pleasing and functional time-telling experience.

Cyclops Date Window

One distinctive feature of many Rolex watches is the Cyclops date window. This magnifying lens is positioned above the date aperture, magnifying the date display by 2.5 times. The Cyclops date window not only enhances the legibility of the date but also adds a unique visual element to the overall design of the watch. Rolex’s proprietary Cyclops lens is designed and manufactured in-house, showcasing the brand’s dedication to precision and attention to detail.

Movement and Power Reserve

Rolex Automatic Caliber 3235

The movement is the heart of a watch, and Rolex prides itself on its in-house, self-winding mechanical movements. The Rolex Automatic Caliber 3235 is one such movement, featuring advanced technology and precision engineering. With 31 jewels and a balance wheel with variable inertia, the Caliber 3235 offers exceptional accuracy and reliability. It also incorporates Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement, which enhances energy efficiency and increases the power reserve of the watch.

70-Hour Power Reserve

The power reserve of a watch refers to the amount of time it can continue operating without being wound or worn. Rolex watches powered by the Caliber 3235 movement boast a remarkable 70-hour power reserve. This extended power reserve ensures that the watch can be set aside for a few days without stopping, providing convenience and peace of mind to the wearer.

COSC Swiss Chronometer Certification

Rolex watches are known for their exceptional accuracy, and this is attributed to the meticulous testing and certification process that each watch undergoes. The Caliber 3235 movement, like many other Rolex movements, is certified as a Swiss chronometer by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). This certification guarantees that the watch meets stringent precision standards and performs within specified tolerances.

Anti-magnetic Features

In today’s modern world, magnetic fields are present in various everyday environments, such as electronic devices and magnetic closures. Rolex recognizes the impact of magnetic fields on the accuracy of a watch and has developed anti-magnetic features to combat this. The Caliber 3235 movement incorporates Rolex’s Parachrom hairspring, which is highly resistant to magnetic fields and ensures stable timekeeping even in the presence of magnetic interference.

Improved Shock Resistance

A watch can be subjected to various shocks and impacts during daily wear, and Rolex has taken measures to enhance the shock resistance of its movements. The Caliber 3235 movement features Rolex’s Paraflex shock absorbers, which provide increased resistance to shocks and ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the watch, even in demanding situations.

Free-Sprung Index

The Caliber 3235 movement also incorporates a free-sprung balance with a variable inertia regulated by Microstella nuts. This design allows for precise adjustment of the movement’s timekeeping performance, ensuring exceptional accuracy and stability. The free-sprung index system contributes to the overall reliability and precision of the watch, making it an outstanding timekeeping instrument.

Bi-directional Automatic Winding

Rolex watches are renowned for their automatic winding systems, which eliminate the need for manual winding. The Caliber 3235 movement features a bi-directional rotor that winds the mainspring in both directions, maximizing the efficiency of the winding system. This ensures that the watch remains fully wound and ready for use, even with minimal wrist movement.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 Oysterflex 226659 Rolex Watch Review

Performance and Functionality

Stop Seconds

The stop seconds function is a useful feature found in many Rolex watches, allowing for precise time setting. With this function, the second hand stops completely when the crown is pulled out, enabling the wearer to set the time accurately down to the second. The stop seconds function exemplifies Rolex’s commitment to precision and ensures that the watch can be synchronized with an external time source with ease.

Quick Set Date

Rolex watches equipped with the Caliber 3235 movement feature a quick set date function. This allows the wearer to adjust the date independently of the time, simply by turning the crown in one direction. The quick set date function offers convenience and efficiency, making it effortless to update the date display without having to manually adjust the time.

Accuracy and Precision

Rolex watches are renowned for their exceptional accuracy, achieving timekeeping performance well within the stringent standards of a Swiss chronometer. The Caliber 3235 movement, with its advanced technology and precise engineering, ensures that the watch maintains accurate timekeeping in various conditions. Whether on land or in water, a Rolex watch powered by the Caliber 3235 movement offers unparalleled reliability and precision.

Water Resistance

Rolex watches are renowned for their robust construction and exceptional water resistance. Each Rolex watch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its water-tightness, making it suitable for a variety of water activities. The water resistance of Rolex watches equipped with the Caliber 3235 movement ensures that the watch can withstand the pressures associated with professional diving and other aquatic sports.

Regatta Timing Function

Some Rolex watches feature a regatta timing function, designed specifically for yachting enthusiasts and professional sailors. This function allows for precise timing of the countdown to the start of a yacht race. The regatta timing function, combined with the exceptional accuracy and reliability of the Caliber 3235 movement, ensures that the watch is a valuable tool for those actively involved in the sailing community.

Chronometer Certification

Rolex watches powered by the Caliber 3235 movement are certified chronometers, attesting to their precision and accuracy. The Chronometer certification, awarded by the COSC, guarantees that the watch meets strict standards of accuracy and performs within specified tolerances. This certification is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to producing timepieces of the highest quality and precision.

Anti-magnetic Properties

The Caliber 3235 movement is designed to be highly resistant to the influence of magnetic fields, ensuring accurate timekeeping even in magnetic environments. This anti-magnetic feature is particularly useful in today’s technologically advanced world, where magnetic fields are present in various everyday settings. Rolex’s anti-magnetic properties provide peace of mind to the wearer, knowing that their watch will maintain its accuracy in any environment.


In conclusion, Rolex watches equipped with the Caliber 3235 movement offer a combination of timeless design, exceptional functionality, and precise performance. From the meticulously crafted case and strap to the advanced movement technology and comprehensive set of features, Rolex has set the standard for luxury watches. The attention to detail, commitment to quality, and continuous pursuit of innovation have cemented Rolex’s position as a leader in the watchmaking industry. Whether you are a diver, a yachting enthusiast, or simply appreciate fine timepieces, a Rolex watch powered by the Caliber 3235 movement is sure to exceed your expectations and provide a lifetime of reliable and accurate timekeeping.

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