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Rolex Daytona Rainbow White Gold 116599RBOW Rolex Watch Review

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The Rolex Daytona Rainbow White Gold 116599RBOW is a remarkable timepiece that has captivated collectors since its launch in 2012. This watch features an 18k white gold case and bracelet, adorned with diamonds and sapphires in a stunning array of rainbow colors. With a black dial and a range of functions including hours, minutes, small seconds, and chronograph, this Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is both visually striking and functional. Standing at 40mm in diameter and 12.1mm in thickness, this watch is a true statement piece. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a lover of luxury watches, the Rolex Daytona Rainbow White Gold 116599RBOW is sure to capture your attention.

Achieving cult status in the watch community, the Rolex Daytona Rainbow White Gold 116599RBOW is a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship. Due to its scarcity and handcrafted nature, it has become highly sought-after by collectors. The watch is meticulously made by Rolex, with their own movements, cases, bracelets, and clasps. The 18k white gold oyster bracelet features a three-link sports design, polished down the center and with satinated flanks. The watch is not only visually stunning but also technically refined, with a water resistance of 100 meters, a bi-directional automatic winding movement, and a 72-hour power reserve. If you’re looking for a timepiece that combines exceptional design, precious materials, and impeccable craftsmanship, the Rolex Daytona Rainbow White Gold 116599RBOW is the ultimate choice.

Rolex Daytona Rainbow White Gold 116599RBOW Rolex Watch Review

Design and Specifications

Case Material and Size

When it comes to design and specifications, the case material and size are crucial considerations for any watch enthusiast. In the case of this exceptional Rolex timepiece, the case is crafted from high-quality, durable materials that ensure longevity and elegance. The choice of materials, such as stainless steel or precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, or Everose gold, adds a touch of luxury to the watch. Additionally, the size of the case is meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between boldness and sophistication, catering to both men and women with its versatile options.

Bracelet Material and Design

Complementing the exquisite case is the bracelet, which not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also provides comfort and durability. The bracelet materials range from stainless steel to precious metals, depending on the model and design. The bracelet design is optimized for both style and function, ensuring a secure fit while exuding elegance and grace. With various options available, you can choose a bracelet that perfectly complements your personal style and preferences.

Water Resistance

Understanding the importance of water resistance, Rolex has ensured that this timepiece boasts an exceptional level of water resistance. With water-resistant features, including a screw-down crown and case back, this watch can withstand water pressures that are significantly greater than those encountered in daily life. Whether you’re swimming, showering, or engaging in water sports, you can be confident in the reliable protection provided by the impeccable water resistance of this Rolex timepiece.

Gemstone Details

For those seeking a touch of opulence, this Rolex watch excels in gemstone details. Real, color-matched sapphires are incorporated into the design, adding a captivating burst of color and brilliance. These gemstones are not only carefully hand-selected but also hand-cut to ensure the highest level of precision and craftsmanship. The incorporation of gemstones in this timepiece truly sets it apart and showcases the brand’s commitment to exceptional design and refinement.

Dial Features

The dial of a watch is often considered its face, and this Rolex timepiece does not disappoint. The dial features are thoughtfully designed to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the watch. White gold indices and hands not only provide a striking contrast against the dial but also ensure optimum legibility in various lighting conditions. Additionally, brilliant set gems add a touch of opulence, catching the light and captivating the eye. Furthermore, the use of meteorite discs for sub-registers adds a unique and mesmerizing element to the dial, distinguishing this Rolex timepiece from its counterparts. Lastly, the chronograph functionality on the dial adds versatility and convenience, providing additional timekeeping features.

Bracelet and Clasp

Oyster Bracelet Design

The bracelet on this Rolex watch features the iconic Oyster design, renowned for its durability, comfort, and elegance. The three-piece links are expertly crafted and meticulously finished, ensuring a visually appealing and seamless integration with the case. The Oyster bracelet is also designed to adapt to various wrist sizes, allowing for a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Double Locking Clasp

To provide added security and peace of mind, this Rolex timepiece is equipped with a double locking clasp. This clasp ensures that the watch remains securely fastened on your wrist, even during vigorous activities. The double locking mechanism guarantees that the clasp will not accidentally open, preventing the risk of loss or damage to your beloved timepiece.

Easy Link Adjustment

A unique and practical feature of the bracelet on this Rolex watch is the Easy Link adjustment. This innovation allows for easy length adjustment of the bracelet, providing ultimate comfort and versatility. With a simple adjustment, you can fine-tune the fit of the bracelet to suit your preference, ensuring a snug and customized feel on your wrist.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, Rolex is synonymous with excellence. The bracelet on this timepiece is no exception. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing the finest materials, the bracelet is built to withstand the test of time. The robust construction and precise craftsmanship ensure that the bracelet remains in pristine condition, even with daily wear and rigorous use. With proper care and maintenance, the bracelet will maintain its beauty and functionality for generations to come.

Case Features

Daytona Case Design

The case design of this Rolex watch pays homage to the iconic Daytona collection, known for its association with motorsports and speed. The distinct shape and bold lines of the Daytona case evoke a sense of power and precision. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the case showcases Rolex’s commitment to unmatched quality and design excellence.

Diamond Paved Lugs

To elevate the aesthetic appeal and add a touch of glamour, the lugs of this Rolex timepiece are meticulously adorned with diamond pavé. The intricate arrangement of diamonds on the lugs creates a stunning visual effect, catching the light and accentuating the beauty of the watch. This luxurious embellishment sets this timepiece apart from others, making it a truly exquisite choice for discerning individuals.

Crown Guards

The crown of a watch is a vital component, as it allows for time and date adjustment. In the case of this Rolex watch, the crown is protected by crown guards. These guards serve to shield the crown from accidental impacts and enhance the overall robustness of the timepiece. The incorporation of crown guards ensures that the watch remains in impeccable condition, ready to accompany you on your everyday adventures.

Screw Down Chronograph Pushers

The chronograph pushers on this Rolex watch are equipped with a screw-down mechanism, ensuring optimal water resistance and protection. By securely sealing the pushers, the risk of water infiltration is minimized, allowing you to confidently utilize the chronograph function even in wet conditions. This innovative feature showcases Rolex’s commitment to providing uncompromising performance and reliability.

Gemstone Details

Use of Real, Color-Matched Sapphires

The use of real, color-matched sapphires in this Rolex timepiece is a testament to the brand’s dedication to luxury and refinement. Only the finest sapphires are selected to ensure that the colors seamlessly harmonize with the overall design of the watch. Whether it’s a vibrant blue, captivating green, or any other stunning hue, the sapphires incorporated into this timepiece add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Hand-Selected and Hand-Cut Gems

To achieve the highest level of craftsmanship, the gemstones used in this Rolex watch are not only hand-selected but also hand-cut. This meticulous process ensures that each gemstone is of the utmost quality, with precise shapes and flawless facets that maximize their brilliance. By hand-selecting and hand-cutting the gems, Rolex guarantees that every timepiece is a true work of art.

Diversity of Gem Cuts

The diversity of gem cuts in this Rolex watch adds another layer of uniqueness and sophistication. The gemstones are expertly cut into a variety of shapes, including round, baguette, and marquise, among others. This diversity of cuts allows for a visually stunning and dynamic arrangement of gems, creating an extraordinary visual impact that sets this timepiece apart from others.

Dial Features

White Gold Indices and Hands

The indices and hands on the dial of this Rolex watch are crafted from luxurious white gold. This choice of material not only enhances the overall elegance but also provides exceptional legibility. Against the backdrop of the dial, the white gold indices and hands stand out, making it effortless to read the time at a glance. This attention to detail ensures optimum functionality without compromising on style.

Brilliant Set Gems

To elevate the dial’s aesthetics and add a touch of glamour, brilliant set gems are incorporated into the design. The brilliance of these gems catches the light, creating a captivating sparkle that mesmerizes the eye. Whether it’s diamonds, rubies, or other precious stones, the meticulous setting of these gems highlights Rolex’s commitment to creating timepieces that dazzle and delight.

Meteorite Discs for Sub-Registers

A truly unique feature of this Rolex watch’s dial is the use of meteorite discs for the sub-registers. These meteorite discs add an unmistakable element of fascination and rarity to the timepiece. Each meteorite disc is a slice of extraterrestrial history, showcasing the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. The incorporation of meteorite discs reflects Rolex’s dedication to pushing boundaries and creating timepieces that are truly out of this world.

Chronograph Functionality

In addition to its stunning aesthetics, the dial of this Rolex watch also features chronograph functionality. This functionality adds practicality and versatility to the timepiece, allowing you to utilize additional timing features. Whether you’re measuring elapsed time during a race or timing important events, the chronograph function on this watch ensures precision and accuracy.

Movement and Functionality

Rolex Manufacture Caliber 4130

At the heart of this Rolex watch is the Rolex Manufacture Caliber 4130, a masterpiece of ingenuity and precision. Developed and manufactured in-house by Rolex, this self-winding mechanical movement is a testament to the brand’s commitment to technical excellence. Equipped with numerous patented innovations, the Caliber 4130 ensures a high level of accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Bi-Directional Automatic Winding

The Caliber 4130 incorporates a bi-directional automatic winding system, ensuring the watch is always powered, even during periods of low activity. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual winding, providing convenience and efficiency. Whether you’re actively wearing the watch or it’s resting in your collection, the automatic winding system ensures that the timepiece remains accurate and ready for use.

72-Hour Power Reserve

For individuals who appreciate a watch that can keep up with their dynamic lifestyle, this Rolex timepiece offers an impressive 72-hour power reserve. This extended power reserve ensures that the watch continues to operate reliably even if not worn for a few days. When picked up again, the timepiece will continue to tick with precision, showcasing the remarkable efficiency of the Caliber 4130 movement.

Hacking Seconds

The inclusion of hacking seconds is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to precise timekeeping. With this feature, the seconds hand stops when the crown is pulled out, allowing for precise time synchronization when setting the watch. The hacking seconds function ensures that the watch is always accurate to the second, exemplifying Rolex’s dedication to unrivaled timekeeping performance.

Column Wheel & Vertical Clutch

The chronograph mechanism in this Rolex watch is equipped with a column wheel and vertical clutch, elevating the timepiece to the realm of haute horlogerie. The column wheel provides smooth and precise operation of the chronograph functions, while the vertical clutch ensures that there is no loss of amplitude or accuracy when engaging or disengaging the chronograph. These advanced mechanisms guarantee the precise and reliable functionality of the chronograph features.

Shock Tolerance and Anti-Magnetism

To ensure durability and accuracy, this Rolex timepiece is designed to withstand shock and resist magnetic interference. Through innovative engineering and precise construction, the watch is built to withstand the rigors of daily wear and accidental impacts. Additionally, anti-magnetic materials and shielding are incorporated into the watch, protecting the movement from the harmful effects of magnetic fields. This attention to detail ensures that the watch not only looks exceptional but also performs impeccably in any situation.

Availability and Pricing

Contact Information

For more information on this extraordinary Rolex timepiece and its availability, it is recommended to contact an authorized Rolex retailer or visit the official Rolex website. These trusted sources will provide accurate and up-to-date information, as well as any additional details regarding special edition models or customization options.

Limited Availability

As with many luxury timepieces, the availability of this Rolex watch may be limited due to its exceptional craftsmanship and demand. Rolex carefully controls the production and distribution of its watches to maintain exclusivity and preserve the brand’s prestigious reputation. It is advisable to inquire about availability and make any necessary arrangements promptly to secure this exceptional timepiece.

High Collector’s Value

Due to its rarity, exceptional design, and Rolex’s renowned reputation, this timepiece holds a significant collector’s value. Rolex watches are known for their ability to retain their worth over time, often appreciating in value. As a result, owning this Rolex watch not only brings immense satisfaction but also serves as a potential investment for the future. The combination of timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and collector’s value makes this timepiece an exceptional choice for discerning individuals.

Pricing Details

Pricing details for this Rolex watch may vary depending on several factors, including the model, materials, gemstone details, and market conditions. It is advisable to consult an authorized Rolex retailer or visit the official Rolex website to obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information. These sources will provide transparency and ensure that you receive the most reliable and comprehensive information regarding the investment required to acquire this exceptional timepiece.


Unique and Rare Design

With its exceptional design features and meticulous attention to detail, this Rolex watch stands out as a unique and rare timepiece. The combination of luxurious materials, gemstone details, and distinct dial features creates a visually captivating aesthetic that exudes elegance and sophistication. The design elements incorporated into this timepiece ensure that it remains a timeless and coveted accessory for generations to come.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Crafted with unrivaled precision and expertise, this Rolex watch showcases the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship. From the selection and cutting of gemstones to the meticulous assembly and finishing, every aspect of this timepiece reflects Rolex’s commitment to perfection. The flawless execution of design and functionality ensures that this watch not only looks remarkable but also performs impeccably in any situation.

Technical Excellence

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Rolex watch demonstrates technical excellence through its movement and functionality. The Rolex Manufacture Caliber 4130, with its patented innovations and advanced features such as bi-directional automatic winding and shock tolerance, offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The chronograph mechanism, equipped with a column wheel and vertical clutch, is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to precision timekeeping. This timepiece embodies the pinnacle of technical achievement in watchmaking.

Ideal for Rolex Collectors

For avid Rolex collectors, this timepiece presents a rare and extraordinary addition to their collection. With its limited availability, unique design, and exceptional craftsmanship, this Rolex watch holds significant collector’s value. Its rarity and timeless appeal make it a highly sought-after timepiece among connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Whether you’re an established collector or an aspiring one, this Rolex watch is undeniably an ideal addition to any prestigious collection.

In conclusion, this Rolex watch exemplifies the culmination of exquisite design, impeccable craftsmanship, and technical excellence. From the choice of materials and gemstone details to the attention to detail in the movement and functionality, every aspect of this timepiece reflects Rolex’s commitment to creating extraordinary watches. Whether you favor its captivating aesthetic or appreciate its historical significance, this Rolex watch is an exceptional choice that will grace your wrist with timeless elegance and precision.

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