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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Oysterflex 116519LN Rolex Watch Review

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The “Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Oysterflex 116519LN Rolex Watch Review” is a detailed analysis of the features and specifications of this particular Rolex watch model. The review is conducted by Tim Mosso and can be watched in its entirety for comprehensive information. The watch is encased in 40mm of 18k white gold and features a steel dial, Oysterflex strap, and a ceramic bezel. With functions including hours, minutes, small seconds, and a chronograph, this Rolex Cosmograph Daytona exudes both elegance and sportiness. The review provides insights into the design, materials, and technical aspects of the watch, offering a thorough understanding of its capabilities. For anyone interested in purchasing or learning more about this exquisite timepiece, visiting the website at is recommended, as it offers the latest pre-owned luxury watch arrivals and industry-leading value in previously loved luxury timepieces.

In the review, Tim Mosso introduces the intricacies of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Oysterflex 116519LN. With a focus on the 40mm white gold case, ceramic bezel, and Oysterflex strap, the review explores the materials and craftsmanship involved in creating this exceptional timepiece. The strap, made of vulcanized rubber around a titanium alloy core, offers durability and flexibility, while the 18k white gold case and ceramic bezel add a touch of luxury. Through detailed examinations of the watch’s features and design elements, the review provides valuable insights as to why the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is highly regarded in the watch industry. To delve deeper into the specifics of this Rolex watch model, viewers are encouraged to watch the full review by Tim Mosso.

Design and Construction

Case Material

The case material of a watch is an important aspect of its design and durability. Rolex watches are known for their high-quality materials, and the Daytona is no exception. The case of the Rolex Daytona is typically made of either stainless steel or precious metals such as gold or platinum. Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and resistance to corrosion, while precious metals add a touch of luxury and elegance to the watch. Regardless of the material chosen, the case of the Daytona is meticulously crafted to ensure a sleek and polished appearance.

Strap Material

The strap material of a watch can greatly impact both its comfort and style. The Rolex Daytona offers a variety of options when it comes to straps, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences. One popular option is the Oysterflex strap, which combines the sportiness of a rubber strap with the flexibility and comfort of a metal bracelet. Another option is a traditional metal bracelet, typically made of stainless steel or gold, which adds a touch of sophistication to the watch. Ultimately, the choice of strap material is a matter of personal preference and should be selected based on your desired look and feel.

Case Size

The case size of a watch is an important factor to consider, as it determines how the watch will fit on your wrist. The Rolex Daytona is available in a standard case size of 40mm, which is a versatile size that fits comfortably on most wrists. This size strikes a balance between being large enough to make a statement, yet not too oversized or bulky. The 40mm case size of the Daytona ensures that it remains a timeless and classic choice, suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is a crucial feature for any watch, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle or enjoy water sports. The Rolex Daytona is designed to withstand water pressure up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling. However, it is important to note that the water resistance of the Daytona is not intended for diving or other high-pressure water activities. If you plan to use your watch in such environments, it is advisable to consult with a Rolex authorized dealer for specific recommendations.

Bezel Material

The bezel of a watch serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. It not only adds a decorative element to the watch but also helps protect the dial and movement from damage. The bezel of the Rolex Daytona can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, gold, or ceramic. Stainless steel bezels offer a sleek and modern look, while gold bezels add an additional touch of luxury. Ceramic bezels, on the other hand, are known for their scratch resistance and durability. Whichever material you choose, the bezel of the Daytona is designed to rotate in one direction, allowing you to track elapsed time with ease.

Strap and Bracelet

Oysterflex Strap

The Oysterflex strap is a unique feature of the Rolex Daytona that combines the comfort and flexibility of a rubber strap with the robustness of a metal bracelet. Made of high-performance elastomer, the Oysterflex strap is designed to be both durable and comfortable. It features a patented cushioning system on the inside that provides a snug fit on the wrist, without sacrificing flexibility. The Oysterflex strap also includes a titanium and nickel alloy blade within the strap to ensure stability and prevent stretching. With its sporty yet refined look, the Oysterflex strap is an excellent choice for those who value both comfort and style.

Grey Gold Clasp

The clasp of a watch plays a crucial role in securing the strap or bracelet and ensuring the watch stays securely on your wrist. The Rolex Daytona features a Grey Gold clasp, made of 18ct white gold. This clasp not only adds an elegant touch to the watch but also provides a secure and reliable closure. The Grey Gold clasp is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the bracelet or strap, creating a cohesive and polished look.

Quick Adjustment System

The Rolex Daytona is equipped with a quick adjustment system that allows you to easily adjust the length of the bracelet or strap without the need for tools. This functionality is particularly useful for those who like to wear their watches snugly on their wrists or need to make quick adjustments on the go. With the quick adjustment system, you can effortlessly find the perfect fit for your Daytona, ensuring both comfort and functionality.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Oysterflex 116519LN Rolex Watch Review

Case Details

Screw Down Crown

The screw-down crown is a feature commonly found in Rolex watches, including the Daytona. This design helps to enhance the water resistance of the watch by creating a tight seal between the case and the crown. To adjust the time or date on the Daytona, you simply unscrew the crown and pull it out to the desired position. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, you can securely screw the crown back in place, ensuring that no water or dust can penetrate the watch.

Screw Down Pushers

In addition to the screw-down crown, the Rolex Daytona also features screw-down pushers. These pushers are located on either side of the crown and are used to operate the chronograph functions of the watch. Like the crown, the screw-down pushers create a tight seal when screwed in, further enhancing the water resistance of the Daytona. The screw-down pushers ensure that the chronograph functions can be used reliably even in wet or challenging conditions.

Case Back

The case back of a watch is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in protecting the movement and providing a glimpse into the intricate mechanisms inside. The Rolex Daytona features a solid case back, which offers excellent protection against moisture and external elements. While you may be unable to see the movement from the case back, you can rest assured that it is well-protected and secured within the robust case of the Daytona.

Dial Features

Color and Finish

The color and finish of the dial are important considerations when choosing a watch, as they greatly contribute to its overall appearance and style. The Rolex Daytona offers a range of options when it comes to dial colors, including classic choices such as black, white, and silver, as well as more unique options like blue or green. The finish of the dial can vary from a smooth lacquer finish to a textured or patterned surface, adding depth and visual interest to the watch. Whether you prefer a timeless and understated look or a bold and eye-catching design, there is a Daytona dial option to suit your personal style.

Hour Markers and Hands

The hour markers and hands on a watch are essential for legibility and functionality. The Rolex Daytona features clear and highly legible hour markers, typically in the form of applied indices or numerals. These markers are often accompanied by luminous material, ensuring that the time can be easily read in low-light conditions. The hands of the Daytona are also designed with legibility in mind, often featuring a contrasting color and a luminous coating for optimal visibility. The combination of well-designed hour markers and hands on the Daytona ensures that you can read the time at a glance, without any confusion.

Chronograph Functionality

One of the standout features of the Rolex Daytona is its chronograph functionality. The chronograph allows you to measure elapsed time, making it ideal for timing events or measuring speed. The Daytona features three sub-dials on the dial, each serving a different function. The sub-dial at the 3 o’clock position is used to measure elapsed hours, the sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position measures elapsed minutes, and the sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position measures elapsed seconds. The chronograph functions of the Daytona are easy to operate, thanks to the screw-down pushers located on either side of the crown.


Rolex Caliber 4130

The movement of a watch is the heart of its operation, and the Rolex Daytona is powered by the Rolex Caliber 4130. This in-house, self-winding mechanical movement is known for its precision and reliability. It features a Perpetual rotor, which allows the watch to be wound automatically by the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. The Caliber 4130 also boasts a Parachrom hairspring, which provides enhanced resistance to shocks and temperature variations. With its chronograph functions and impressive power reserve, the Caliber 4130 is the perfect match for the Daytona’s performance-oriented design.

Power Reserve

The power reserve of a watch refers to how long it can operate without being wound or worn. The Rolex Daytona has a power reserve of approximately 72 hours, meaning it can run for about three days without requiring any additional winding. This impressive power reserve ensures that the Daytona can be set aside for a couple of days without stopping, making it convenient for those who alternate between multiple watches or prefer to wear their Daytona occasionally.

Chronometer Certification

Rolex watches are renowned for their accuracy, and the Daytona is no exception. The Rolex Daytona is a certified chronometer, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) to ensure its accuracy. The chronometer certification guarantees that the watch meets strict standards for precision and reliability. With a certified chronometer movement, you can trust that the Daytona will keep accurate time, even under different conditions and variations in temperature.

Shock Resistance

Shock resistance is an important feature for any watch, especially one designed for precision timing and sports. The Rolex Daytona is engineered to withstand shocks and vibrations that may occur during everyday wear or active pursuits. The movement of the Daytona is protected by various features, including a Parachrom hairspring and a robust case construction. These elements work together to absorb and reduce the impact of shocks, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the watch.


Magnetic fields can have a detrimental effect on the accuracy of a mechanical watch. The Rolex Daytona is equipped with anti-magnetic properties, thanks to the use of paramagnetic materials in its movement. The Parachrom hairspring, in particular, is made from a paramagnetic alloy that helps protect the watch from the negative effects of magnetism. With its anti-magnetic properties, the Daytona can maintain its accuracy and precision, even in the presence of electromagnetic fields that are common in everyday life.

Performance and Functionality


Accuracy is a crucial aspect of any timepiece, and the Rolex Daytona is designed to offer exceptional precision. As a certified chronometer, the Daytona has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets strict standards for accuracy. The Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) conducts these tests, subjecting the watch to various conditions and positions to assess its performance. With its certified chronometer movement and anti-magnetic properties, the Daytona offers unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to rely on it for precise timekeeping.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is an important consideration for those who lead an active lifestyle or enjoy water sports. The Rolex Daytona is water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters, thanks to its robust case construction and screw-down crown and pushers. This level of water resistance makes the Daytona suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but it is important to note that it is not designed for diving or other high-pressure water activities. For those who require a watch for more demanding aquatic pursuits, Rolex offers a range of professional diving watches that have been specifically designed for such environments.

Shock Resistance

The shock resistance of the Rolex Daytona ensures that it can withstand the impact and vibrations that may occur during everyday wear or sports activities. The robust construction of the watch, combined with features such as a Parachrom hairspring and a solid case back, helps to protect the movement from shocks. Whether you are wearing the Daytona on a day-to-day basis or using it during sports or athletic pursuits, you can trust in its durability and reliability.

Anti-Magnetic Properties

The anti-magnetic properties of the Rolex Daytona make it resistant to the negative effects of magnetic fields, which can disrupt the accuracy of a mechanical watch. The use of paramagnetic materials, such as the Parachrom hairspring, helps protect the movement from magnetic interference. This means that you can confidently wear your Daytona in everyday situations, such as near electronic devices or magnetic fields, without worrying about its accuracy being compromised.


The Rolex Daytona is a masterpiece of design and engineering, offering a perfect blend of style, functionality, and performance. From its meticulously crafted case to its precise and reliable movement, every aspect of the Daytona has been carefully considered to ensure a superior timekeeping experience. Whether you are a racing enthusiast, a sports lover, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of a fine timepiece, the Rolex Daytona is sure to impress. With its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Daytona is a true icon in the world of luxury watches.

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