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Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch – Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored

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The article titled “Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch – Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored” features a video by Richard Perrett Watchmaker, showcasing the restoration process of a recently damaged Rolex watch. The watch suffered significant external damage, leading to the need for a full restoration and light refinishing of the scratched-up case and bracelet. Surprisingly, a critical issue was also discovered inside the case, which added to the complexity of the restoration. The video focuses on the action and telling the story of the restoration, without much commentary. If you enjoy this video, the article encourages subscribing, liking, and sharing it with friends.

Throughout the video, Perrett showcases the various challenges encountered during the restoration process. The 2235 Rolex movement, although initially expected to have minimal problems, revealed an issue with the oscillating weight. Additionally, the dirt and grime inside the movement were apparent, making it necessary to clean it thoroughly. The watch also required targeted scratch removal and a light polishing of the case and bracelet. Despite the complexities faced, Perrett successfully restored the watch to its original beauty.

Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch – Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored

Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch - Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored

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In the world of luxury watches, Rolex stands out as a symbol of both style and precision. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless designs, Rolex watches are coveted by watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. However, even the most durable timepieces can fall victim to accidents and mishaps. In this article, I will share the intricate process of restoring a smashed Rolex watch, specifically a modern Rolex in rose gold, to its former glory.

External Damage and Critical Issue Inside

The smashed Rolex watch that came into my possession was a sight to behold. The once immaculate rose gold case and bracelet were now marred with scratches and dents, evidence of its unfortunate encounter with a hard surface. The crystal was shattered, exposing the delicate internal components to dust and moisture. I knew that in order to restore this remarkable timepiece, both the external damage and the critical issue inside needed to be addressed.

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Rolex Restoration and Refinishing

Restoring a smashed Rolex watch requires a delicate touch and the expertise of a highly skilled watchmaker. The first step in the restoration process is disassembling the watch carefully, ensuring that each component is meticulously documented and preserved. This is crucial as it allows the watchmaker to identify any hidden issues, such as broken or damaged parts, which may not be immediately apparent.

Once the watch is disassembled, the focus shifts to refinishing the external components. Using specialized equipment and techniques, the scratches and dents on the case and bracelet are carefully buffed and polished. This process requires precision and finesse to ensure that the original shape and design of the watch are preserved.

No Talking – Letting the Action Tell the Story

In the world of luxury watch restoration, actions speak louder than words. Instead of simply describing the restoration process, I believe in letting the visuals speak for themselves. In a YouTube video that accompanies this article, viewers can see the meticulous steps involved in restoring a smashed Rolex watch. From the careful disassembly to the intricate reassembly, every moment is captured to allow watch enthusiasts to truly appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch - Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored

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Introduction to the Watch

The smashed Rolex watch that I had the privilege of restoring is one of the most modern models in Rolex’s lineup. Crafted in rose gold, it exudes elegance and sophistication. The watch features a sleek and robust case, adorned with a sapphire crystal that was unfortunately shattered during the accident. Its bracelet, also in rose gold, showcases Rolex’s signature Oyster design, known for its exceptional comfort and durability.

Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch - Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored

Scratches and Damage on the Case and Bracelet

Upon closer inspection, it was evident that the accident had left noticeable scratches and dents on the case and bracelet of the smashed Rolex watch. These imperfections not only marred the watch’s appearance but also compromised its value. As a professional watch restorer, my goal was to restore the watch to its original condition, erasing any traces of the unfortunate incident.

Targeted Scratch Removal and Light Polishing

To remove the scratches and dents from the case and bracelet, a targeted approach was necessary. Using specialized tools and abrasive compounds, I worked diligently to carefully buff out each imperfection. This required a meticulous technique, ensuring that only the damaged areas were addressed while preserving the surrounding surfaces.

After the targeted scratch removal, a light polishing was performed to restore the rose gold’s signature luster. This step involved using a series of polishing cloths and compounds in a controlled manner to bring back the watch’s pristine shine. The result was a case and bracelet that looked as good as new, with no visible signs of the previous damage.

Restoration of a Smashed Rolex Watch - Most Modern Rolex in Rose Gold Restored

Cleaning the Movement

While addressing the external damage was essential, the critical issue lying inside the smashed Rolex watch needed immediate attention – the movement. Dust and moisture had entered the shattered crystal, posing a significant risk to the delicate gears and mechanisms within. To ensure the watch’s longevity and accuracy, a thorough cleaning of the movement was crucial.

Using specialized solvents and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, I meticulously cleaned each component of the movement. This involved disassembling the gears, wheels, and springs, as well as removing any dirt or debris that had accumulated over time. The cleaned components were then reassembled, ensuring that each part was properly lubricated for optimal performance.

Repairing the Broken Balance Wheel

Upon further examination, it was discovered that the smashed Rolex watch had a broken balance wheel, one of the most critical components in a mechanical watch movement. The balance wheel controls the watch’s timekeeping accuracy by oscillating back and forth at a precise rate. Without a functioning balance wheel, the watch would lose its ability to keep time accurately.

To repair the broken balance wheel, a delicate and intricate process was required. Carefully removing the damaged component, a replacement balance wheel was installed. This involved fine-tuning the balance wheel’s oscillation rate to ensure that the watch maintained its accuracy. Once the repair was complete, the movement was carefully tested to ensure that it met Rolex’s stringent standards of precision.


The restoration of a smashed Rolex watch exemplifies the dedication and expertise required in the world of luxury watchmaking. From the meticulous refinishing of the external components to the intricate repair of the internal movement, every step in the process demands the utmost precision and skill. Thanks to these careful efforts, the smashed Rolex watch was transformed from a damaged timepiece into a flawless symbol of luxury and craftsmanship once again.

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