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Original Vintage February 1966 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe 7619-7040 Fully Serviced – Great Condition

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This article highlights the features and condition of an original vintage Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe 7619-7040 watch from February 1966. The article, presented by Vintage Watch Street, provides detailed information about the watch’s model, gender, condition, functions, and production year. It mentions that the watch has been fully serviced and is in great condition, with particular emphasis on the dial, case, and machine. The article also mentions the replacement crystal, the original features of the watch such as the fluted bezel and dauphine hands, and the handmade ostrich skin band. It concludes by expressing gratitude to the readers for their appreciation of the watch.

The Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe 7619-7040 is described as an enhanced version of the Seiko 5 Sportsmatic, featuring a push button to change the date and a nicer case finish. The article showcases the working day/date function, mentions the accuracy results from timegraph testing, and provides instructions for adjusting the date and time. It emphasizes that the watch is original with no replacement parts, making it difficult to find this model in such pristine condition. The article expresses the author’s enthusiasm for servicing these vintage watches with proper Swiss oils and utilizing the expertise of a master watchmaker, while also expressing appreciation for the readers’ interest in these timepieces.



The model of the watch is an essential aspect that helps identify and categorize the timepiece. It serves as a unique identifier, distinguishing it from other watches produced by the brand. In this case, the model of the watch is [insert model name].


The reference number is a crucial detail that provides a specific identification code for the watch. It helps in locating information and differentiating between various versions of the same model. The reference number for this particular watch is [insert reference number].


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Case numbers

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Movement number

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Vibrations per hour

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Production year

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Driving system

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Case back

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Lug width

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Band width

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Band length

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Band condition

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Band & buckle brand

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Timegraph results

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Quick set function

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Quickset instructions

To utilize the quick set function on this watch, follow these instructions:

  1. [Insert step-by-step instructions for using the quick set function].

Time-setting instructions

To set the time on this watch, follow these instructions:

  1. [Insert step-by-step instructions for setting the time].

Additional remarks

[Include any additional noteworthy details about the watch not covered in previous sections, e.g., notable partnerships, special editions, or limited release].

History and Background

Upgrade from Seiko 5

The Seiko [insert model name] represents an upgrade from the renowned Seiko 5 series. Seiko 5 watches are known for their durability, affordability, and mechanical movements. The [insert model name] builds upon this legacy, incorporating enhanced features and a refined design.

Push button date change

One notable improvement in the [insert model name] is the inclusion of a push button date change feature. This allows for easy and quick adjustment of the date display, eliminating the need for tedious manual changes.

Enhanced case finish

The [insert model name] showcases an upgraded case finish, elevating the overall aesthetics and sophistication of the watch. The attention to detail in the case construction contributes to its durability and visual appeal.

Original Vintage February 1966 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe 7619-7040 Fully Serviced - Great Condition


[Write an introduction to the article, providing an overview of the watch and its significance. This paragraph should capture the reader’s attention and give a glimpse of what is to come in the description section.]


Birth year and model details

[Provide information about the watch’s birth year and any significant details or changes made to the model during its production.]

Clean dial and dolphin hands

[Describe the dial of the watch, including any unique features or design elements. Explain the significance of the dolphin hands and how they contribute to the legibility and attractiveness of the timepiece.]

Fluted bezel

[Detail the characteristics of the fluted bezel, highlighting its functional and aesthetic appeal. Explain the purpose and history behind the fluted design.]

Case condition

[Describe the condition of the watch case, highlighting any signs of wear or unique features that contribute to its overall appearance and value.]

Scratch-free replacement crystal

[Discuss the replacement crystal used for the watch and its resistance to scratches. Explain how this enhances the longevity and readability of the dial.]

Day and date function

[Explain the functionality and importance of the day and date feature on the watch. Highlight any unique characteristics or adjustments required to utilize this function.]

Date changing

[Provide instructions and tips for changing the date on the watch. Include any considerations or precautions to ensure proper operation.]

Tips for adjusting the date

[Offer helpful tips and recommendations for adjusting the date to prolong the lifespan of the watch and avoid potential damage.]

Servicing and master watchmaker

[Discuss the importance of servicing the watch regularly and highlight the expertise of the master watchmaker who has serviced the timepiece. Emphasize the benefits of a professionally maintained watch.]


[Summarize the key features and attributes of the watch, reinforcing its desirability and value. End the article by encouraging readers to consider this watch as a worthy addition to their collection.]

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