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Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Orbis 324. Review

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The Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Orbis 324. is a stunning timepiece that is sure to impress. Encased in 38mm of stainless steel, this watch features a sun-brushed blue dial and a stainless steel bracelet. With its sleek design and impressive features such as hours, minutes, small seconds, date, and chronograph functions, this watch is a must-have for any watch enthusiast. Measuring 14.9mm in thickness and 44.7mm from lug-to-lug, it is both compact and versatile. For a more detailed review of this exceptional watch, watch the full Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Orbis review by Tim Mosso.

Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Orbis 324. This watch was specially designed as a charity benefit for international eye doctors who specialize in treating children. With its universal fit and timeless stainless steel design, it is the perfect accessory for any occasion. The watch features a secure twin trigger polished internal double deploying clasp and is water resistant up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming. The dial is a beautiful matte blue with luminescent indices and a unique orbis teddy bear as the counterweight to the seconds hand. Overall, this watch is a true work of art that combines style and philanthropy. For more information and pricing details, reach out to Tim Mosso at


Case Material

The case material of a watch is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a timepiece. In the case of this particular watch, the material used is stainless steel. This choice of material ensures durability and longevity, as stainless steel is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. Moreover, the use of stainless steel gives the watch a sleek and polished appearance, making it suitable for various occasions and styles.

Dial Color

The dial color of a watch is not merely a matter of aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in enhancing legibility and readability. In this case, the dial color is a sophisticated matte blue base. This choice of color adds a touch of elegance to the watch, while the matte finish prevents reflections that could hinder readability. The combination of the blue base and the other design elements of the dial creates a visually pleasing and aesthetically balanced timepiece.

Bracelet Material

The material used for the bracelet of a watch contributes significantly to its overall comfort and style. For this watch, a stainless steel bracelet is employed. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for a bracelet material as it combines durability, corrosion resistance, and a smooth feel against the skin. Additionally, stainless steel has a timeless appeal that complements various outfits and occasions, making it a versatile choice for the bracelet of this timepiece.


The size of a watch is an essential consideration, as it determines how well it will fit on your wrist and its overall presence on your wrist. This watch is designed to be compact in size, striking a balance between being prominent enough to make a statement and not overpowering the wearer’s wrist. The compact size of this watch makes it suitable for both men and women, ensuring a universal fit that allows for comfortable wear throughout the day.


The thickness of a watch is another aspect that influences its overall aesthetic and comfort. In the case of this timepiece, the thickness has been carefully considered to ensure a sleek and elegant profile. By keeping the thickness to a reasonable measure, the watch avoids feeling cumbersome on the wrist while still providing adequate space for the movement and other components within the case.

Lug-to-Lug Distance

The lug-to-lug distance refers to the measurement between the lugs of a watch case. This measurement is crucial as it determines how the watch will fit on your wrist and determines if the watch will sit comfortably. For this timepiece, the lug-to-lug distance has been optimized to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Whether you have a smaller wrist or a larger one, the optimized lug-to-lug distance makes this watch suitable for a wide range of wrist sizes, ensuring a universal fit for all wearers.


Stainless Steel Bracelet

The stainless steel bracelet of this watch is not only a functional element but also a key design feature. The use of stainless steel for the bracelet offers a timeless and versatile aesthetic that can effortlessly elevate any outfit. It also contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the watch, ensuring that it can withstand everyday wear and maintain its polished appearance for years to come.

Compact Size

The compact size of this watch is a significant design consideration, as it allows for a more understated and refined aesthetic. The smaller proportions make it suitable for both everyday wear and formal occasions, ensuring that it can adapt to any environment or style. The compact size also ensures that the watch does not overwhelm the wearer’s wrist and remains comfortable throughout extended periods of use.

Universal Fit

With a design that caters to both men and women, this watch offers a universal fit that can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. The universal fit is achieved through careful attention to the size, weight, and proportions of the watch, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit on any wrist. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift for a loved one, the universal fit of this timepiece ensures that it will be well-received and cherished.

Hybrid Bracelet

The hybrid bracelet design of this watch combines the elegance and sophistication of a bracelet with the flexibility and comfort of a strap. This unique combination allows for a more customizable fit, ensuring that the watch sits comfortably on the wrist and adapts to the natural movements of the wearer. The hybrid design also adds a touch of versatility to the watch, as it can be easily paired with both formal and casual attire.

Clasp Design

The clasp design of a watch plays a crucial role in ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. In this case, the clasp design has been carefully crafted to provide both functionality and aesthetics. The clasp is easy to operate, allowing for quick and hassle-free donning and removal of the watch. Additionally, the clasp design is sleek and subtle, adding to the overall elegance and refinement of the timepiece.

Orbis Teddy Bear Detail

One of the distinctive design elements of this watch is the Orbis teddy bear detail. Located on the dial or case back, the Orbis teddy bear detail adds a touch of playfulness and whimsy to the timepiece. This unique design feature not only makes the watch visually appealing but also serves as a reminder of the brand’s commitment to charitable causes. The Orbis teddy bear detail is a testament to the brand’s dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

Case Back Design

The case back design of a watch is often overlooked, but it is a crucial element that adds to the overall appeal and storytelling of the timepiece. In this case, the case back design is carefully crafted to showcase the movement and intricate details of the watch. Whether it is an exhibition case back or a solid case back, the design is thoughtfully considered to provide a visually captivating experience every time the watch is turned over.

High Polish Finish

The high polish finish of this watch adds a luxurious and sophisticated touch to its overall design. The high polish finish reflects light beautifully, creating a captivating interplay of shadows and reflections that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the timepiece. Moreover, the high polish finish exudes a sense of quality and craftsmanship, further elevating the watch’s overall appearance and making it a true statement piece.

Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Orbis 324. Review


Caliber 3330

The movement of a watch is its beating heart, responsible for maintaining accurate timekeeping and powering its various functions. In this watch, the movement is driven by the caliber 3330. The caliber 3330 is a reliable and precise movement that ensures accurate timekeeping and exceptional performance. Developed and manufactured by the brand, this in-house movement is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.

Coaxial Modification

One of the notable features of the movement in this watch is its coaxial modification. The coaxial escapement, pioneered by the brand, enhances the movement’s accuracy and longevity. This modification reduces friction and wear in the movement, resulting in improved performance and reduced service requirements. The coaxial modification is a testament to the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking and delivering exceptional timepieces.

Increased Water Resistance

A watch’s water resistance is a critical factor to consider, especially for those who lead active lifestyles or enjoy water-related activities. In this watch, the water resistance has been increased to ensure its durability and reliability even in wet conditions. With an increased water resistance rating, this timepiece can withstand water pressure at various depths, making it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water-based activities.

Extended Power Reserve

The power reserve of a watch refers to the length of time the watch can operate without requiring manual winding or movement. In the case of this timepiece, the power reserve has been extended, ensuring that it can keep accurate time for an extended period. This extended power reserve is particularly beneficial for those who rotate or have multiple timepieces, as it reduces the need for frequent adjustments and ensures reliable timekeeping.

Free Sprung Regulator

The free sprung regulator is a mechanism within the movement that regulates the rate at which the watch operates. This mechanism plays a vital role in maintaining accurate timekeeping and stability, regardless of external factors such as temperature or position. The presence of a free sprung regulator in this watch ensures that it can maintain its precision and reliability, delivering consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

Anti-magnetic Silicon Hairspring

Magnetic fields can adversely affect the accuracy of a watch’s movement, leading to deviations in timekeeping. To mitigate this issue, the movement in this watch features an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring. The use of a silicon hairspring ensures that the watch remains unaffected by magnetic fields, allowing for accurate and reliable timekeeping. This anti-magnetic feature is particularly useful for individuals who frequently encounter magnetic sources in their daily lives.

Five Position Adjustment

The five-position adjustment refers to the meticulous calibration of a watch’s movement to ensure its accuracy in various positions. By calibrating the movement in multiple positions, this watch can deliver consistent timekeeping regardless of how it is worn or positioned. The five-position adjustment is a testament to the brand’s commitment to precision and accuracy, as it ensures that the watch performs at its best in any situation.

Chronometer Certification

Chronometer certification is a mark of excellence in watchmaking, granted to timepieces that meet strict standards of accuracy and performance. In this watch, the movement has undergone rigorous testing and has been awarded chronometer certification. This certification is a testament to the watch’s exceptional accuracy and precision, making it a reliable timekeeping companion for any discerning individual.

Column Wheel System

The column wheel system is a mechanical mechanism within the movement that controls the operation of various chronograph functions. This system ensures smooth and precise engagement of the chronograph, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the watch. The incorporation of a column wheel system in this watch showcases the brand’s commitment to precision engineering and its dedication to delivering a superior chronograph timepiece.

Lateral Clutch

The lateral clutch is another mechanical component within the movement that governs the engagement and disengagement of the chronograph functions. This clutch allows for a smooth transition between the chronograph’s start, stop, and reset functions, ensuring precise operation and accurate timekeeping. The inclusion of a lateral clutch in this watch reflects the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to providing a seamless and reliable chronograph experience.

Stop Seconds

The stop seconds feature allows for precise time setting by stopping the movement of the seconds hand when the crown is pulled out. This feature enables accurate synchronization with another time source, such as an atomic clock or a reference timepiece. The stop seconds function enhances the practicality and convenience of this watch, ensuring accurate time setting and reliable synchronization.

Quick Date Adjustment

The quick date adjustment feature allows for effortless and efficient adjustment of the date display on the watch. With a simple operation, the wearer can advance the date display to the desired position, avoiding the need for repetitive and time-consuming manual adjustments. The quick date adjustment is a practical and user-friendly feature that adds to the overall convenience and functionality of this timepiece.


Matte Blue Base

The dial of this watch features a matte blue base, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to its overall design. The matte finish reduces reflections and glare, allowing for enhanced legibility and readability in various lighting conditions. The blue color adds a sense of depth and richness to the dial, creating a visually captivating backdrop for the other design elements and indications.

Rhodium Coated Steel Indices

The indices on the dial are coated with rhodium, a precious metal known for its brilliant white hue and resistance to tarnish or corrosion. The rhodium coating adds a refined and luxurious touch to the indices, enhancing their visibility and legibility. Moreover, the use of rhodium ensures that the indices retain their pristine appearance over time, ensuring that the watch remains as stunning as the day it was acquired.

Luminescent Index

In low light or dark environments, the luminescent index on the dial comes into play, ensuring that the time can be read at a glance. The luminescent material used on the index emits a bright and long-lasting glow when charged with light, ensuring that the watch remains legible even in challenging conditions. The inclusion of a luminescent index makes this watch suitable for both daytime and nighttime use, ensuring that accurate timekeeping is always within reach.

Blue Eye-Influenced Tones

The blue eye-influenced tones on the dial create a visual impact and evoke a sense of mystique and depth. Inspired by the captivating shades of the human eye, the blue tones on the dial add a unique and captivating element to the watch’s overall design. The interplay of different blue hues creates a rich and vibrant color palette, enhancing the visual appeal of the dial and making it a focal point of the timepiece.

Orbis Teddy Bear Counterweight

The Orbis teddy bear counterweight is an endearing detail found on the seconds hand of this watch. This charming element pays homage to the collaboration between the watch brand and Orbis International, a non-profit organization committed to fighting blindness worldwide. The inclusion of the Orbis teddy bear counterweight adds a touch of philanthropy and compassion to the watch, allowing wearers to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying a stunning timepiece.


The primary function of a watch is to tell time, and readability is crucial for achieving this purpose. This watch has been designed with utmost consideration for legibility, ensuring that the time can be read effortlessly at a glance. From the clear indices to the contrasting colors and luminous elements, every detail of the dial has been thoughtfully crafted to provide optimal legibility in all lighting conditions. The easy-to-read dial ensures that the watch is not only visually striking but also highly functional.

High Polish Hands

The hands of this watch feature a high polish finish, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall design. The high polish finish reflects light beautifully, enhancing the readability of the hands and adding a captivating visual element to the dial. The contrast between the high polish finish of the hands and the textured background of the dial creates a striking visual effect, making the hands a focal point of the timepiece.

Blue Speedmaster Logo

The blue Speedmaster logo on the dial serves as a hallmark of the watch’s heritage and serves as a tribute to the brand’s iconic collection. The inclusion of the logo adds a sense of authenticity and prestige to the timepiece, ensuring that it remains true to its origins and stays connected to its rich history. The blue color of the logo harmonizes with the other design elements on the dial, creating a cohesive and visually appealing composition.

Indexed Navy Blue Tachymeter

The indexed navy blue tachymeter on the watch dial adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the timepiece. The tachymeter scale allows for quick and easy calculations of speed based on elapsed time, making it a valuable tool for various activities. The navy blue color of the tachymeter complements the overall design of the dial, adding a subtle yet impactful detail to the watch.


In conclusion, this watch combines exceptional design and craftsmanship to create a timepiece that is both visually striking and highly functional. From the carefully chosen case material to the thoughtfully designed dial, every element of this watch has been meticulously considered to provide an unparalleled experience for the wearer. Whether it is the stainless steel bracelet, the coaxial modification of the movement, or the captivating blue dial, each aspect of this timepiece contributes to its overall appeal and makes it a true statement piece. With its compact size, universal fit, and an array of impressive features, this watch is the embodiment of elegance, precision, and sophistication.

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