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Omega Seamaster 300m 60th Anniversary Luxury Watch Review

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The Omega Seamaster 300m 60th Anniversary Luxury Watch, reference, is a stunning timepiece that pays tribute to the original 1957 model. With only 3,557 watches produced, this limited edition watch features a 39mm case, measuring 14.2mm thick and 48mm from lug to lug. The watch exudes a sense of modernity, combining contemporary design elements with a vintage aesthetic. From the weight and substance of the watch on your wrist, it is clear that it is a modern timepiece of exceptional quality. The watch boasts a bi-directional rotating bezel, reminiscent of an aviator’s timepiece, and a sapphire crystal that adds to its sleek profile. With its historic imagery and cutting-edge technology, this Omega Seamaster 300m 60th Anniversary Luxury Watch is a must-have for watch enthusiasts looking for a fusion of vintage charm and modern sophistication.

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Design and Features

The design and features of a watch play a crucial role in determining its appeal and functionality. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of design and features that make a watch stand out. From case measurements to the movement, we will delve into each component and highlight their importance in creating a timepiece that is both visually stunning and technologically advanced.

Case Measurements

When it comes to the case measurements of a watch, there are a few key factors to consider. The size of the case is often a personal preference, with some individuals opting for larger, more prominent watches, while others prefer a more understated and subtle timepiece. The thickness of the case is also a significant consideration, as it can affect the overall comfort and fit of the watch on the wrist. Lug to lug measurements are crucial in determining how the watch sits on the wrist, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for the wearer. Ultimately, finding the right case measurements is essential in creating a watch that is not only visually appealing but also comfortable to wear.


The bracelet of a watch is an integral part of its overall design and functionality. A combination of satin and polish finishes gives the bracelet a sophisticated and elegant look, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions. The bracelet should also offer adjustability to accommodate different wrist sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for the wearer. Additionally, a secure clasp is essential to prevent the watch from accidentally slipping off the wrist. The bracelet should provide both comfort and security, allowing the wearer to enjoy the watch without any worries.

Omega Seamaster 300m 60th Anniversary Luxury Watch Review


The clasp of a watch is responsible for securely fastening the bracelet around the wrist. It should possess features that make it reliable and convenient to use. A well-designed clasp should be easy to operate, allowing for effortless removal and adjustment of the watch. It should provide a secure closure, ensuring that the watch remains securely fastened throughout the day. A well-functioning clasp enhances the overall user experience and adds to the durability of the watch.


The case of a watch is not only a protective housing for its internal components but also a design element that contributes to its overall aesthetics. Vintage-inspired designs have gained popularity in recent years, with their classic and timeless appeal. The case should have character lines that add depth and interest to its design, creating a visually appealing watch. Furthermore, the finishes on the case should be of high quality and durable, ensuring that the watch maintains its pristine appearance even after years of wear.


The bezel of a watch serves both functional and decorative purposes. A bi-directional rotation bezel allows for easy measurement of elapsed time, making it useful for divers and outdoor enthusiasts. Aviator-style bezels often feature clear and legible markings, allowing for precise timing during flights. Some bezels also incorporate vintage imagery, adding a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to the watch’s design. The bezel is an essential component of a watch’s overall design language and should complement the dial and case.


The dial of a watch is where time is displayed and serves as a focal point for the wearer. The materials used for the dial should be of high quality, ensuring clarity and longevity. Vintage styling has become increasingly popular in recent years, with dials featuring retro-inspired designs such as sunburst patterns and faded colors. The indices on the dial should be clear and legible, allowing for easy time reading at a glance. The hand design should be proportionate to the dial, ensuring that the time is easily readable. Finally, the functionality of the dial, such as additional complications or date displays, adds to the overall utility of the watch.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is a crucial feature to consider, especially for individuals who lead an active lifestyle or enjoy water-related activities. The depth rating indicates the level of water pressure a watch can withstand without compromising its internal components. A screw-down crown ensures a watertight seal, providing additional protection against water ingress. The case should also have a screwed encased back, further enhancing the water resistance of the watch. Conforming to ISO standards ensures that the watch meets rigorous criteria for water resistance, providing peace of mind to the wearer.


The movement of a watch refers to the internal mechanism responsible for keeping time. The caliber 8806 is a reliable and accurate movement that ensures precise timekeeping. The co-axial escapement is a unique feature that reduces friction, improving the overall performance and longevity of the watch. Chronometer certification guarantees that the movement meets stringent accuracy standards. A significant power reserve allows for extended periods between winding the watch, adding convenience for the wearer. Magnetic resistance ensures that the movement remains unaffected by external magnetic fields, maintaining its accuracy. Additionally, advanced features such as a GMT function or a chronograph add to the versatility and functionality of the watch.


In conclusion, a well-designed watch combines modern reliability with vintage charm, offering excellent value for money. The case measurements, bracelet, clasp, case, bezel, dial, water resistance, and movement are all crucial factors to consider when choosing a watch. Each component contributes to the overall appeal and functionality of the timepiece, creating a watch that not only looks impressive but also performs flawlessly. By understanding the importance of each design and feature, you can make an informed decision and find a watch that perfectly suits your style and requirements.

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