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May Event Sale: Up to 40% Off Luxury Watches

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The “May Event Sale: Up to 40% Off Luxury Watches” is currently being hosted by The WatchBox until May 10th. This sale features a wide selection of luxury watches from renowned brands such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Panerai. Highlights of the sale include rarities like the vintage 1975 Rolex Submariner Date and the 1998 “A-Series” Rolex Daytona, as well as notable pieces like the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M and the Patek Philippe 5960P annual calendar flyback chronograph. With impressive discounts of up to 40% off, this May Event Sale offers watch enthusiasts a unique opportunity to acquire these coveted timepieces.

Watch collectors and enthusiasts are invited to explore the incredible selection of luxury watches available at The WatchBox, where every watch showcased in the video is for sale. From vintage Rolex pieces to refined Omega and Patek Philippe watches, this May Event Sale offers a variety of options for collectors to add to their collections. Interested individuals can contact the Watch Box team for pricing, sales, and trade inquiries. With discounts of up to 40% off and a limited time frame running from May 1st to May 10th, this sale presents an exclusive opportunity to acquire high-quality luxury watches at a reduced price.

Overview of the May Event Sale

Welcome to the May Event Sale, where you have the opportunity to explore an exquisite selection of luxury watches from some of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. This month’s sale features timepieces from Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Panerai, each representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, design, and precision.

Whether you are a watch collector, an aficionado, or someone who appreciates the beauty and exclusivity of luxury watches, this sale presents the perfect opportunity to add a truly exceptional timepiece to your collection.

Featured Luxury Watch Brands

Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Panerai have established themselves as leading brands in the luxury watch industry, renowned for their unmatched quality, timeless designs, and innovation.


Rolex, a name synonymous with luxury and excellence, sets the standard for Swiss watchmaking. Each Rolex timepiece combines impeccable precision and performance with elegant aesthetics. From the iconic Rolex Daytona to the classic Submariner Date, Rolex watches exude sophistication and are highly sought after by watch enthusiasts worldwide.


Omega, a brand known for its pioneering spirit and commitment to perfection, has a rich history of producing exceptional timepieces. Omega watches not only offer exceptional timekeeping accuracy but also exhibit a refined style that effortlessly blends modernity with tradition. From the Seamaster Diver 300M to the Seamaster Railmaster ‘Blue Jeans,’ Omega watches exemplify refinement and value.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe, often hailed as the epitome of luxury watchmaking, crafts timepieces that are truly works of art. With a commitment to excellence, Patek Philippe watches are meticulously handcrafted by master artisans, resulting in exceptional quality and precision. The 5960P annual calendar flyback chronograph and the 5204/1R Perpetual Calendar Split Seconds Chronograph are shining examples of Patek Philippe’s dedication to timeless elegance.


Panerai watches, with their distinctive design and robust functionality, have gained a loyal following among watch enthusiasts. With a rich heritage deeply rooted in the history of the Italian Navy, Panerai watches combine modern technology with vintage aesthetics. Each Panerai timepiece boasts exceptional durability and legibility, making them perfect for both land and sea adventures.

Rare Vintage Rolex Watches

For those with a passion for vintage timepieces, this sale offers a rare opportunity to acquire two exceptional vintage Rolex watches.

1998 ‘A-Series’ Rolex Daytona

The 1998 ‘A-Series’ Rolex Daytona is a true collector’s piece. This vintage timepiece embodies the timeless elegance that Rolex watches are known for and showcases the iconic chronograph functions that have made the Daytona line famous. With its black dial, stainless steel case, and contrasting white sub-dials, this Rolex Daytona exemplifies understated sophistication.

1975 Rolex Submariner Date

The 1975 Rolex Submariner Date is another vintage treasure for watch enthusiasts. This iconic diver’s watch features a date function and a robust stainless steel case. The distinctive black dial with luminescent hour markers and hands adds a touch of sportiness to this classic timepiece. With its timeless design and exceptional functionality, the 1975 Rolex Submariner Date remains a highly sought-after vintage watch.

May Event Sale: Up to 40% Off Luxury Watches

Refinement and Value with Omega Watches

Omega watches are celebrated for their refinement, exceptional value, and commitment to striking a perfect balance between form and function. In this sale, expect to find two remarkable Omega timepieces that exemplify the brand’s ethos.

Seamaster Diver 300M in steel and yellow gold

The Seamaster Diver 300M in steel and yellow gold is a true testament to Omega’s innovative design. This watch combines the timeless elegance of yellow gold with the durability of stainless steel, resulting in a timepiece that effortlessly transitions from casual to formal occasions. The blue dial with gold accents adds a touch of sophistication, making it a standout choice for any watch enthusiast.

Seamaster Railmaster ‘Blue Jeans’

The Seamaster Railmaster ‘Blue Jeans’ is a unique timepiece that pays homage to Omega’s rich heritage. With its denim-inspired blue dial and brushed stainless steel case, this watch offers a distinctively casual yet elegant aesthetic. Designed with anti-magnetic features, the Railmaster ‘Blue Jeans’ ensures excellent timekeeping precision even in the presence of magnetic fields.

Limited Edition Spring Drive from Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko, a brand renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, presents an exclusive limited edition timepiece in this sale.

Spring Drive ‘Kira Zuri’ SBGA385 with platinum case

The Spring Drive ‘Kira Zuri’ SBGA385 stands as a true testament to Grand Seiko’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship. This limited edition timepiece features a platinum case, which exudes a sense of opulence and exclusivity. The dial, delicately adorned with a traditional Japanese hand-etched pattern, adds a unique touch of elegance. Powered by the Spring Drive movement, this watch offers unparalleled accuracy and a smooth sweeping second hand motion.

High Standards of Finish with Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe watches are renowned for their flawless finish, exquisite mechanical movements, and timeless designs. In this sale, discover two exceptional Patek Philippe timepieces that showcase the brand’s dedication to perfection.

5960P annual calendar flyback chronograph

The 5960P annual calendar flyback chronograph is a true gem in Patek Philippe’s collection. This timepiece combines a chronograph function with an annual calendar complication, showcasing Patek Philippe’s technical mastery. The elegant platinum case and intricate dial design make this watch a remarkable piece of artistry.

5204/1R Perpetual Calendar Split Seconds Chronograph

The 5204/1R Perpetual Calendar Split Seconds Chronograph represents the pinnacle of complexity and craftsmanship. With its rose gold case and stunning dial layout, this timepiece captivates watch enthusiasts with its exceptional design. The combination of perpetual calendar, split-seconds chronograph, and instantaneous perpetual calendar jump complicates demonstrates Patek Philippe’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of horology.

The WatchBox Website

To explore the full range of luxury watches available in this sale, visit The WatchBox website offers a user-friendly platform to browse and purchase pre-owned luxury watches with confidence. With a focus on transparency and quality, The WatchBox guarantees industry-leading value and ensures that every watch is thoroughly inspected and authenticated by a team of experts.

Introduction to the Watch Box and the Sales Event

Host Tim welcomes you to the May Event Sale, where a curated selection of luxury watches is presented for your consideration. He expresses gratitude for your participation in the event and assures you that every watch on display is available for sale.

Tim emphasizes the importance of communicating with the teamocil for pricing details, sales inquiries, and potential trade-ins. The teamocil is ready to assist you throughout the sale, providing personalized service and ensuring a seamless purchase experience.

The May Event Sale will run from May 1st to May 10th, giving you ample time to explore the vast selection of luxury watches and make an informed decision on your next timepiece.

Highlighted Watches

In addition to the featured luxury watch brands, the May Event Sale highlights three exceptional timepieces that deserve special attention.

Richard Lange Tour PL Por La Marie in rose gold

The Richard Lange Tour PL Por La Marie in rose gold is a fine example of A. Lange & Söhne’s commitment to precision and elegance. This timepiece showcases a tourbillon and fusée-and-chain transmission, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and stability. The stunning rose gold case and sophisticated dial design make this watch a true standout.

Illunga Zona Data Graph Perpetual Chronograph with platinum case

The Illunga Zona Data Graph Perpetual Chronograph with platinum case is a masterpiece of haute horology. Crafted by Thomas Prescher, one of the world’s most esteemed independent watchmakers, this timepiece combines a perpetual calendar, chronograph, and moon phase complication, all housed within a refined platinum case. The attention to detail and innovative design make the Illunga Zona Data Graph Perpetual Chronograph a true collector’s piece.

Arnold and Son Flyback Chronograph with Perpetual Calendar

The Arnold and Son Flyback Chronograph with Perpetual Calendar is a timepiece that captures the essence of British watchmaking heritage and sophistication. This watch features a flyback chronograph complication, a perpetual calendar, and an elegant stainless steel case. The harmonious blend of functionality and refinement makes this timepiece a remarkable addition to any watch collection.


The May Event Sale offers an unparalleled opportunity to acquire a luxury watch that combines artistry, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. With featured brands such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Panerai, this sale caters to the discerning tastes of watch enthusiasts.

Explore the watches on display at and feel free to contact the teamocil for more information, pricing details, or assistance with sales and trade-ins. With the sale running from May 1st to May 10th, now is the perfect time to find the perfect luxury watch that matches your style and aspirations. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to add a truly exceptional timepiece to your collection.

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