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INVICTA Subaqua/Noma III 10123

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The INVICTA Subaqua/Noma III 10123 is a timepiece that combines style and functionality. Made with a hardened thermopolymer case, this watch is highly durable and resistant to discoloration. It features a flame fusion crystal, providing excellent scratch and impact resistance. The Swiss Ronda 515 movement ensures accurate timekeeping, while the unidirectional rotating bezel adds a touch of sophistication. With its lightweight construction and comfortable fit, this watch is suitable for anyone looking to make a bold statement on their wrist. Available in various color combinations, the INVICTA Subaqua/Noma III 10123 is a versatile choice for watch enthusiasts.

INVICTA Subaqua/Noma III 10123


The INVICTA Subaqua/Noma III 10123 boasts a range of features that make it a standout timepiece.

First and foremost, the watch’s thermopolymer case and strap provide a lightweight and resilient construction. This not only ensures durability but also enhances comfort during wear. Whether you’re wearing it for a short period of time or throughout the day, you can trust that the thermopolymer material will keep up with your active lifestyle.

Another notable feature of the Subaqua/Noma III is its flame fusion crystal. This synthetic crystal material offers excellent impact resistance, protecting the watch face from scratches and damage. Even if you accidentally bump your watch against a hard surface, you can rest assured that the flame fusion crystal will keep it looking pristine and functioning properly.

The Swiss Ronda 515 movement is yet another impressive feature of this timepiece. Known for their precision and reliability, Swiss movements are among the best in the industry. With the Ronda 515 movement, you can expect accurate timekeeping and smooth operation of the watch’s functions.

For added protection, the Subaqua/Noma III features a locking crown guard. This feature prevents the crown from accidentally being pushed or pulled, ensuring that your watch remains securely in place. The crown guard adds an extra layer of security to the watch, making it suitable for active lifestyles.

In terms of water resistance, the Subaqua/Noma III is rated for up to 200 meters. This means that you can confidently wear it while swimming, snorkeling, or engaging in any water-related activities. The screw-down crown further enhances the watch’s water resistance, preventing any moisture from entering the case.

Lastly, the unidirectional rotating bezel adds a functional and stylish touch to the watch. The bezel can be used to track elapsed time or as a countdown timer, making it practical for various activities. Its smooth rotation and precise clicks provide a satisfying and reliable user experience.


The design of the Subaqua/Noma III is a true testament to INVICTA’s commitment to style and innovation.

Starting with the dial, the watch features a sun ray finish. This intricate pattern adds depth and character to the dial, catching the light in different ways and creating a captivating visual effect. The sun ray finish elevates the overall aesthetic of the watch, making it more visually appealing.

One distinctive design element of the Subaqua/Noma III is the three risers on the case. These elevated sections add a sense of dimensionality to the watch, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance. The risers not only serve a decorative purpose but also provide an element of protection to the watch face.

Moreover, the side of the case showcases a C wave pattern, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the watch. This delicate engraving adds texture and visual interest to the overall design, making the watch more visually appealing.

To enhance the exclusivity and premium feel of the Subaqua/Noma III, the case back is both engraved and raised. This attention to detail showcases the craftsmanship and dedication put into the watch’s design. The engraved case back can also serve as a conversation starter, allowing you to share the watch’s unique features and specifications with others.


In addition to its stylish design and impressive features, the Subaqua/Noma III prioritizes wearer comfort.

One notable aspect is the use of thermopolymer for the case and strap. This lightweight material ensures that the watch doesn’t feel cumbersome or weigh your wrist down. Its resilience allows the watch to withstand the rigors of everyday wear, making it an ideal choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Furthermore, the curved lugs of the Subaqua/Noma III contribute to its comfortable fit. The curvature of the lugs allows the watch to sit comfortably on the wrist, conforming to its natural shape. This ensures that the watch doesn’t dig into your skin or cause any discomfort, even during extended periods of wear.

The ease of wearing the Subaqua/Noma III on the wrist is also worth noting. The watch’s design and construction make it effortless to put on and take off. Whether you’re in a hurry or simply need to adjust the fit, you’ll find that the Subaqua/Noma III is user-friendly and convenient.


When it comes to style, the Subaqua/Noma III is all about making a bold statement.

The watch’s big and bold design sets it apart from more understated timepieces. Its larger size gives it a commanding presence on the wrist, ensuring that it catches attention and grabs the spotlight. If you’re someone who enjoys standing out from the crowd, the Subaqua/Noma III is the perfect accessory to showcase your unique style.

In addition to its size, the watch offers funky color combinations that further contribute to its distinctive style. Whether you prefer vibrant hues or more subdued tones, there is a color combination available to suit your preferences. The range of colors adds a playful and fun element to the watch, making it a versatile accessory for various outfits and occasions.


The Subaqua/Noma III is built to stand the test of time, thanks to its high-quality construction and materials.

The watch utilizes durable and scratch-resistant materials to ensure that it maintains its pristine appearance. The thermopolymer case and strap are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, making the watch a reliable companion for all your adventures. Additionally, the flame fusion crystal offers excellent impact resistance, protecting the watch face from scratches and damage.

The Swiss Ronda 515 movement further enhances the watch’s quality. Swiss movements are renowned for their precision and reliability, and the Ronda 515 is no exception. With this movement, you can trust that your watch will keep accurate time and operate smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Moreover, the flame fusion crystal offers exceptional impact resistance. Whether you accidentally brush against a hard surface or engage in physical activities, the crystal will remain intact and protect the watch face. This level of durability ensures that your watch will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Water Resistance

The Subaqua/Noma III is designed to handle water-related activities with ease.

With its screw-down crown, the watch boasts an impressive water resistance rating of 200 meters. This means that you can confidently wear it while swimming, snorkeling, or engaging in any water-based pursuits. The screw-down crown ensures that no moisture enters the case, preserving the watch’s functionality and overall integrity.

The screw-down crown offers an added layer of protection against water ingress. When properly secured, it forms a watertight seal, preventing any moisture from seeping into the watch. This allows you to enjoy your water activities without worrying about damaging your timepiece.


One of the standout features of the Subaqua/Noma III is its versatility, making it suitable for various occasions and styles.

Whether you’re heading to a casual gathering or participating in a sporty activity, the Subaqua/Noma III will complement your outfit perfectly. Its unique and eye-catching design ensures that it can make a statement from across the room, adding a touch of personality to any ensemble. With its funky color combinations, you can easily match the watch to your chosen attire or mix and match for a more daring look.

The watch’s versatility extends beyond its aesthetics. Its functional features, such as the rotating bezel and water resistance, make it practical for a range of activities. Whether you’re keeping track of time during a workout or monitoring your dive time, the Subaqua/Noma III has got you covered.


The Subaqua/Noma III 10123 is available for purchase on There, you can explore a wide range of color combinations and choose the one that suits your personal style best. With its funky design and high-quality features, the Subaqua/Noma III is a timepiece that allows you to express yourself while enjoying exceptional craftsmanship.


The INVICTA Subaqua/Noma III 10123 combines style, comfort, and quality to deliver a timepiece that stands out from the crowd. Its lightweight thermopolymer case, flame fusion crystal, and Swiss Ronda 515 movement ensure both durability and functionality. With 200 meters of water resistance and a locking crown guard, the watch is ready to accompany you on any adventure. The big, bold design and funky color combinations make the Subaqua/Noma III a versatile statement piece that suits both casual and sporty occasions. Whether you’re looking for a reliable everyday watch or a conversation starter, the Subaqua/Noma III is sure to catch attention from across the room. Check out the wide range of color combinations on and find the Subaqua/Noma III that perfectly expresses your unique style.

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