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INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002

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The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 is one of the most popular models created by INVICTA. This watch perfectly captures the essence of a masculine and stylish design without going overboard. With its 43 millimeter variation and a 24 joule automatic movement, this watch offers both a striking appearance and reliable functionality. It boasts professional-grade dive watch features, including a screw down crown with a 5 gasket system, a solid end link bracelet known for its durability, and a diver’s flip lock safety clasp to ensure a secure fit on your wrist. Over the years, INVICTA has transitioned from smaller sizes to the 43 millimeter size in their Pro Diver collection, which has been well-received. If you’re looking for a medium to full-size watch that commands attention without overwhelming, the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 is a great choice.

The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 offers a high-end look at an affordable price. Despite its reasonable cost, this watch gives off an air of luxury and sophistication that often exceeds its actual value. Available in various color combinations, dials, finishes, and movements, you’re sure to find the perfect version that suits your style at Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own an exceptional timepiece that appears far more expensive than its price tag suggests.

INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002


Welcome to the comprehensive article on the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002. In this article, we will discuss the design, features, movement, water resistance, bracelet, size, affordability, color combinations, and where to find this remarkable timepiece.

INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002


The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 is a highly sought-after timepiece that has gained immense popularity among watch enthusiasts. Its masculine design, impressive water resistance, and automatic movement make it a standout choice for those who appreciate both style and functionality.

Design and Features

The design of the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 is simply nailed. With its sleek and sturdy construction, it embodies a sense of elegance and strength. The watch features a 43mm variation, which strikes the perfect balance between medium and full-size watches.

The dial of the watch is adorned with various features that enhance its overall appeal. The bold hour markers and luminous hands ensure excellent readability in any lighting conditions. The date function adds convenience for daily wear.


Powered by the SIINH NH35A movement, the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 offers precise and reliable timekeeping. This 24-jewel automatic movement eliminates the need for batteries and utilizes the movement of your wrist to keep the watch running smoothly.

Compared to typical quartz movements, automatic movements offer several advantages. They are known for their superior craftsmanship, longevity, and the satisfying experience of owning a mechanical timepiece.

Water Resistance

As a professional-grade dive watch, the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 boasts exceptional water resistance. With a rating of 200 meters, it is suitable for diving, snorkeling, and other water-oriented activities. This timepiece is built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration, providing peace of mind to those who enjoy aquatic adventures.

Exploring the 200 meters depth rating of the watch reveals the meticulous engineering behind its water-resistant properties. The screw-down crown, along with the 5 gasket system, ensures a secure and watertight seal. This level of craftsmanship guarantees that the watch remains fully operational, even in the harshest underwater conditions.


The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 features the famous Invicta bracelet, known for its solid and sturdy design. The solid end link bracelet not only adds to the overall robustness of the watch but also provides exceptional comfort on the wrist. The diver’s flip lock safety clasp ensures a secure fit, preventing the watch from accidentally slipping off during active movements.

Compared to other bracelet designs, the end link bracelet is preferred by many watch enthusiasts for its durability and aesthetics. It seamlessly integrates with the case, creating a cohesive and visually appealing timepiece.


Over the years, the size of dive watches has transitioned, with larger cases becoming more popular. The 43mm variation of the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 strikes a balance between medium and full-size watches, making it versatile for various wrist sizes.

The advantages of the 43mm variation lie in its wrist presence. It offers a substantial size without being overwhelming, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Compared to the Grand Diver series, the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 offers a more streamlined and understated look.


The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 provides exceptional value for money. Despite its high-quality build and impressive features, it is offered at a reasonable price point. This timepiece gives the wearer an expensive look without the exorbitant price tag associated with luxury watches.

With the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-crafted timepiece without breaking the bank. Whether you are a seasoned watch collector or someone looking for a reliable everyday watch, this timepiece offers excellent affordability.

Color Combinations

The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 comes in various color combinations to suit different style preferences. From classic stainless steel with black accents to bold gold-tone variations, there is a color combination that will match your personal taste and wardrobe. The versatility of the color options ensures that the watch can be seamlessly integrated into any ensemble.

Where to Find

The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 is widely available in reputable watch retailers. You can find it in both physical stores and online platforms. It is recommended to purchase from authorized dealers to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage. Researching and comparing prices from different sources can help you find the best deal on this exceptional timepiece.


The INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 stands out as a well-designed, feature-packed, and affordable timepiece. Its masculine design, solid build, impressive water resistance, and reliable automatic movement make it a popular choice among watch enthusiasts. Whether you are a diver, outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, the INVICTA Pro Diver Automatic 1002 offers a high-quality watch experience at a reasonable price.

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