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INVICTA Men’s Invicta II 0765

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Introducing the INVICTA Men’s Invicta II 0765, a watch from the Invicta II collection with a military-inspired theme. This timepiece offers a water resistance of up to 100 meters and features a simple push-pull crown for easy adjustment. The genuine leather strap adds to its military aesthetic, with intricate stitching that enhances its overall look. The watch is equipped with a flame fusion crystal, which not only provides excellent impact resistance but also protects against scratches. Additionally, it boasts a multi-function movement, allowing you to access the day of the week and calendar date. To set the watch correctly, it is recommended to start by adjusting the day of the week before moving on to other functions. With a 48mm case size, this watch makes a statement on the wrist and stands out with its bold and distinctive style. Its large design ensures easy readability, even from a distance, and the Triton ight luminescence on the hands ensures visibility in low-light conditions. Don’t miss out on this eye-catching timepiece and explore the various color choices and strap options available at to find your perfect match.


Water Resistance

The water resistance feature of this watch makes it a reliable choice for various water-related activities. With a water resistance rating of 100 meters, you can confidently wear this timepiece while swimming, snorkeling, or even showering. The sturdy construction and precision engineering ensure that the watch is well-protected against water damage, allowing you to enjoy its functionality in wet conditions without any concerns.

Genuine Leather Strap

The genuine leather strap adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to this watch. Crafted with high-quality materials, the strap not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also ensures optimal comfort during extended wear. The leather strap is durable and ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time that enhances its visual allure. It complements the watch’s design perfectly, making it a versatile accessory suitable for both formal and casual settings.

Flame Fusion Crystal

One of the standout features of this timepiece is its flame fusion crystal. This unique crystal combines the best qualities of mineral and sapphire crystal to create a window that is exceptionally resistant to damage and scratches. The flame fusion crystal ensures that your watch remains pristine and clear, providing a clear view of the dial and its various functions. This feature not only adds to the watch’s durability but also contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Multi-function Movement

The multi-function movement of this watch allows for enhanced functionality and convenience. With various subdials and additional features, such as a 24-hour indicator, this timepiece offers more than just the regular timekeeping. Whether you need to track different time zones, keep an eye on the date or day of the week, this multi-function movement has got you covered. It adds a layer of versatility to the watch, making it suitable for various occasions and lifestyles.

Setting the Watch

Setting the Day of the Week

To set the day of the week on your watch, follow these simple steps. Start by pulling the crown, the small button on the side of the watch, to the first or second position, depending on the model. Once the crown is in position, rotate it clockwise to advance the day of the week. Keep rotating until you reach the correct day. After setting the desired day, push the crown back to its original position, ensuring it locks securely. Your watch is now accurately displaying the current day of the week.

Setting the Date and Time

Setting the date and time on your watch is a straightforward process. Begin by pulling the crown to the first position. Rotate the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the time. Pay attention to AM/PM indicators, if applicable, to set the time accurately. To set the date, pull the crown to the second position and rotate it clockwise until the desired date is displayed. Once the date and time are properly set, push the crown back to its original position, ensuring a secure lock. Your watch is now ready to accurately track the date and time.

INVICTA Mens Invicta II 0765


Military-Inspired Theme

The design of this watch draws inspiration from military aesthetics, resulting in a bold and rugged appearance. The sleek lines, matte finishes, and functional details all contribute to the overall military-inspired theme. The design elements are carefully chosen to evoke a sense of strength and durability, making this watch a perfect choice for those who admire a robust and masculine style.

Oversized 48mm Case

The watch features an oversized 48mm case, creating a bold presence on your wrist. This larger case size not only enhances readability but also makes a statement with its commanding size. The substantial case adds to the durability of the watch, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily wear. Despite its larger size, the watch remains comfortable on the wrist and does not feel bulky or cumbersome.

Easy to Read Dial

The dial of this watch is designed for effortless readability in any lighting conditions. The bold, contrasting numerals and markers stand out against the background, making it easy to quickly glance at the time. The hands of the watch are also filled with tritnite luminescence, further improving visibility in low-light situations. The dial design is uncluttered, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view of the time and additional functions.

Tritnite Luminescence

The tritnite luminescence featured on this watch’s hands and markers ensures excellent visibility even in the darkest environments. Tritnite is a luminous material that offers superior brightness and longevity compared to traditional luminous materials. It absorbs and stores light, allowing the watch to emit a vibrant glow for an extended period. Whether you find yourself in a dimly lit room or exploring the outdoors at night, the tritnite luminescence ensures that you can always read the time accurately.

Genuine Leather Strap

As mentioned earlier, the genuine leather strap adds a touch of sophistication to the watch’s overall design. The high-quality leather ensures comfort during wear, and the natural variation and aging of the material add character to the strap. The genuine leather strap further enhances the military-inspired theme and gives the watch a timeless and classic appeal. It is also adjustable, allowing for a perfect fit on any wrist size.


Color Choices Available

The watch is available in various color options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic silver case with a black dial, a more daring gold case with a blue dial, or a sleek black-on-black aesthetic, there is a color variation to match your taste. The availability of multiple color choices ensures that you can find the perfect watch to complement your individual style.

Different Straps and Dials

In addition to the color choices, this watch also offers different options for straps and dials. The variety in strap options includes different materials such as stainless steel, silicone, and nylon, catering to different preferences and needs. The different dials range from minimalist designs to more intricate and detailed options. This versatility allows you to customize your watch further, ensuring that it reflects your unique personality and style.


Affordability and Value

Despite its impressive features and design, this watch offers a remarkable level of affordability and value. With its high-quality construction and reliable movement, it provides excellent durability and precision at a fraction of the cost compared to other luxury watches. The affordability of this timepiece makes it accessible to a wide range of watch enthusiasts, without compromising on quality or style. It presents an excellent opportunity to own a high-performing, stylish watch without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, this watch combines a range of impressive features, a stylish and rugged design, and a reasonable price point to offer a timepiece that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The water resistance, genuine leather strap, flame fusion crystal, and multi-function movement all contribute to the watch’s reliability and convenience. Its military-inspired theme, oversized case, easy-to-read dial, tritnite luminescence, and variety in color choices, straps, and dials make it a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions. With its affordability and value, this watch is a compelling option for anyone in search of a high-quality and well-designed timepiece.

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