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Grand Seiko GMT Sport Collection (+/-5s YEAR) 9F Anniversary Limited Edition SBGN001 Watch Review

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In 1993, Grand Seiko revolutionized the luxury watch industry with the launch of the 9F thermo compensated quartz caliber. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this landmark movement, Grand Seiko released the 9F Anniversary Limited Edition SBGN001, a chronometer grade watch with a second time zone and a unique quartz oscillator for extreme precision. With an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year, a power reserve of three years, and water resistance to 100 meters, this timepiece is a remarkable achievement. Featuring a 39mm stainless steel case, full bracelet, 24-hour bezel, and a secure deployant clasp, the SBGN001 combines style and functionality. The dial boasts a repeating quartz motif, a high contrast 24-hour hand with a day/night display, and beautifully hand-finished indices and hands. With only 800 pieces in the limited edition collection, this watch is a true collector’s item.

The Grand Seiko GMT Sport Collection SBGN001 is a testament to the precision and craftsmanship of the Grand Seiko brand. Equipped with the first ever 9F quartz GMT movement, the watch maintains exceptional accuracy, even in extreme temperatures, thanks to its thermo compensation feature. The watchmakers at Grand Seiko have assembled and tuned this movement, which includes a trimmer for quartz drift adjustment and a double-pulse stepper motor for graceful hour and minute hands. With a 39mm stainless steel case and a full bracelet, the watch exudes elegance and durability. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or a collector, the 9F Anniversary limited edition SBGN001 is a timepiece that combines exceptional precision with timeless design.


The Limited Edition timepiece is a true testament to the craftsmanship and precision that is synonymous with our brand. With its stunning design, impeccable features, and limited availability, this watch is a must-have for any discerning collector. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of the design and features, explore the remarkable movement and accuracy, and discuss the limited edition nature and availability of this exceptional timepiece.

Design and Features

Stainless Steel Case

Crafted from premium stainless steel, the case of the Limited Edition watch exudes durability and elegance. The refined finish and attention to detail make it a true work of art on your wrist, while also offering protection to the delicate internal components.

Full Bracelet

The full bracelet design adds an additional level of sophistication to this already luxurious timepiece. The seamless integration of the bracelet with the case ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to wear the watch with confidence and ease throughout the day.

24-hour Bezel

The 24-hour bezel not only adds a unique aesthetic element to the watch but also serves a practical purpose. It allows you to easily track a second time zone, making this timepiece perfect for frequent travelers or those who need to stay connected across different time zones.

Secure Deployant Clasp

The secure deployant clasp ensures that your Limited Edition watch remains securely fastened to your wrist. This feature provides peace of mind, preventing the watch from accidentally slipping off or being lost during everyday activities.

Dial Design

The dial of the Limited Edition watch is a true work of art. The intricately designed dial captivates the eye with its stunning aesthetics and attention to detail. Each element, from the hand-finished indices to the carefully crafted hands, showcases the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating each timepiece.

High Contrast 24-hour Hand

The high contrast 24-hour hand of the Limited Edition watch is a distinguishing feature that allows for easy legibility. Whether you’re in bright sunlight or a dimly lit room, you can effortlessly read the time at a glance, thanks to the bold design of this important feature.

Day/Night Display

The day/night display is a practical addition to the Limited Edition watch. It provides a clear indication of whether it is day or night, allowing you to easily distinguish between AM and PM. This feature is particularly useful when traveling or for individuals who have a busy schedule that spans across different times of the day.

Hand-finished Indices and Hands

The hand-finished indices and hands of the Limited Edition watch demonstrate the dedication and expertise of our master craftsmen. Each index and hand is meticulously polished and refined to perfection, resulting in a truly exquisite timepiece that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Grand Seiko GMT Sport Collection (+/-5s YEAR) 9F Anniversary Limited Edition SBGN001 Watch Review

Movement and Accuracy

9F Quartz Caliber

The Limited Edition watch is powered by the highly acclaimed 9F Quartz Caliber. Known for its exceptional precision and reliability, this movement is at the forefront of quartz technology. Designed and manufactured in-house, the 9F Quartz Caliber ensures that your watch remains accurate and reliable throughout its lifetime.

Chronometer Grade

The 9F Quartz Caliber in the Limited Edition watch is a chronometer grade movement. This designation signifies that the movement has undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of accuracy and precision. With its chronometer certification, you can trust that your watch will keep time with exceptional accuracy.

Quartz Oscillator

At the heart of the 9F Quartz Caliber lies the quartz oscillator. This crucial component is responsible for the remarkable precision and stability of the movement. With its high-frequency oscillations, the quartz oscillator ensures that your Limited Edition watch remains accurate to within a few seconds per year.

+/- 5 seconds per year

The Limited Edition watch boasts an impressive accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year. This exceptional level of precision surpasses traditional quartz movements, making this timepiece a reliable companion for those who demand nothing but the best in accuracy.

Power Reserve

With its efficient design and low power consumption, the 9F Quartz Caliber offers an impressive power reserve. This means that even if you don’t wear your Limited Edition watch for an extended period, it will still keep accurate time once you pick it up again, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments or winding.

Water Resistance

The Limited Edition watch is water-resistant, ensuring that it can withstand daily wear and exposure to water. Whether you’re caught in the rain or want to wear your timepiece while swimming or showering, you can trust that it will remain functional and maintain its impeccable performance.

Quartz Drift Adjustment

To further enhance the accuracy and longevity of the Limited Edition watch, it features a quartz drift adjustment mechanism. This allows for minor adjustments to be made to the quartz oscillator, ensuring that the watch remains precise and reliable even in the face of external factors that could affect its accuracy.

Limited Edition and Availability

Limited Edition of 800 Pieces

The Limited Edition watch is exactly what it claims to be – limited. With only 800 pieces available worldwide, this timepiece is a true collector’s item. The exclusivity ensures that each owner is part of an elite group of individuals who appreciate and understand the rarity and value of this exceptional watch.

Special Anniversary Model

The Limited Edition watch is a special anniversary model, created to commemorate a significant milestone in our brand’s history. This adds another layer of significance to this already remarkable timepiece, making it a meaningful addition to any watch collection or a memorable gift for a loved one.


Due to the limited nature of this watch, availability may be scarce. The Limited Edition timepiece can be found at select authorized retailers, but it is recommended to act quickly if you wish to secure one for yourself. Demand for this extraordinary watch is expected to be high, and once they are sold out, it may be difficult to find one.


The Limited Edition watch is a masterpiece of design, craftsmanship, and precision. With its stunning design elements, expertly crafted features, and limited availability, this timepiece is a true collector’s item. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence showcased in every aspect of this watch make it a worthy investment or a valuable addition to any watch enthusiast’s collection.

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