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CLEAN Vintage April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 Original Dial, Fully Serviced, Sharp Case

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“CLEAN Vintage April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 Original Dial, Fully Serviced, Sharp Case” is a video presented by Vintage Watch Street. In this captivating video, the narrator takes us on a visual journey through the stunning details of this vintage timepiece. The Seiko Skyliner features an original dial in impeccable condition, with shiny hour markers and hands. The video showcases the careful selection of a beautiful strap, with a unique grain that adds to the overall appeal of the watch.

The narrator draws attention to the sharp case edges, cautioning viewers to avoid touching them to prevent any accidental cuts. With a 38 millimeter case size (without the crown) and 42 millimeters lug to lug, this hand-winding Seiko model holds a special place in the narrator’s heart. The video also highlights the recent surge in prices for this piece, as its true value has been underrated for a long time. The vintage watch, fully serviced and running with impressive accuracy, is powered by a beautiful machine. Vintage Watch Street extends their gratitude to the viewers for joining them in exploring this timeless beauty.

Condition of the Watch

The condition of a vintage watch is an important factor to consider when evaluating its value and desirability. In the case of the April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000, there are several aspects that contribute to its overall condition.

Starting with the original dial, it remains in excellent condition, displaying the classic design and aesthetic that is synonymous with vintage Seiko watches. The dial is free from any noticeable stains, discoloration, or fading, which is a rarity for a watch of this age.

Furthermore, the hands and hour markers on the watch are also in fine condition. They exhibit minimal signs of wear, which further adds to the overall appeal and integrity of the timepiece. The crispness and sharpness of these elements contribute to the watch’s legibility and classic charm.

While examining the watch, you will notice that there is minimal wear on the chapter ring. This is a positive aspect, as it indicates that the ring has not been heavily used, ensuring its durability and longevity. The clear and unmarred state of the chapter ring complements the overall aesthetics of the watch.

It is worth noting, however, that the case edges of the Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 are quite sharp and may have the potential to cause cuts if handled carelessly. This is a characteristic of the watch’s design and should be taken into consideration if you are purchasing it for everyday wear. While it adds to the watch’s unique appeal, it also requires careful attention during handling.

Lastly, upon examining the case back, you may notice some scratching. This is to be expected, given the age of the watch and the likelihood of previous owners attempting to access the movement without proper tools. While it does not detract from the overall appeal of the watch, it is worth noting for those seeking a pristine case back.


Understanding the specifications of a watch is essential for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 boasts several noteworthy specifications that contribute to its desirability and appeal.

With a case size of 38mm (excluding the crown), this vintage Seiko timepiece falls within the range of classic dress watches. This size ensures a comfortable fit on most wrists while maintaining a timeless and elegant appearance.

Furthermore, the watch measures 42mm from lug to lug, providing a balanced and proportionate look when worn. This lug-to-lug size is important to consider, as it determines how well the watch will fit on your wrist.

The movement powering the April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 is a hand-winding movement. Hand-winding mechanisms have a certain charm and simplicity that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts. It offers a more tactile and engaging experience as you manually wind the watch each day, connecting you to the heritage and craftsmanship of the timepiece.

As the name suggests, this particular model was manufactured in the year 1967, a time when Seiko was already establishing itself as a reputable watchmaker. Having a watch from this specific year adds historical significance and further enhances the collectability of the timepiece.

Beyond its age and specifications, the April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 has been fully serviced and is known for its accurate timekeeping. This attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the watch’s performance ensures that it will continue to function reliably and accurately for years to come.

CLEAN Vintage April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 Original Dial, Fully Serviced, Sharp Case

Value Appreciation

For many years, vintage Seiko watches, including the April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000, remained underrated in terms of their value. However, in recent times, there has been a significant increase in their market value and overall popularity among collectors.

The skyrocketing prices of vintage Seiko watches can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there has been a growing interest in vintage timepieces as people seek unique and distinctive watches that showcase the craftsmanship and design of bygone eras. Vintage Seiko watches, including the April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000, perfectly embody these qualities, making them highly desirable to collectors and enthusiasts.

Secondly, the increasing popularity of vintage Seiko watches can also be attributed to the recognition of their quality and value. Seiko has always been known for its commitment to precision and reliability, and these characteristics extend to their vintage models as well. As collectors and enthusiasts become more educated about the brand’s heritage and excellence, they are increasingly drawn to the richness and significance of vintage Seiko timepieces.

Considering these factors, the April 1967 Seiko Skyliner Calendar 6222-8000 represents a valuable investment opportunity. Its underrated value for many years and the recent price appreciation make it a timepiece that holds the potential for significant returns in the future.

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